UF in the Dominican Republic-Summer A 2022

¿¡Qué lo que?! Thanks for your interest in UF in the Dominican Republic, UF’s first and longest-running international service learning program, and our most intensive and least expensive 6-week immersion experience in a Spanish-speaking country.

Who can go?

UF in the Dominican Republic is for two groups of students: those at the beginning level who will take Intensive Intermediate Spanish in Santiago, and more advanced students, who will take the Cultura Dominicana course. Both courses are taught in Spanish and all students will take SPN 3948, which is not exactly a class, it’s the 36 hours of service work plus a process of reflection and a final project. For the beginner group, this is a great way to accelerate the pace toward fluency, getting in just one six-week summer session what would be two whole semesters on campus at UF. Successful completion of the Intensive Intermediate Spanish fulfills the pre-requisite for SPN 2240, the first course that counts toward the major or minor. More advanced students will learn about the history, economics, politics, literature, music, and culture of the Dominican Republic and its Caribbean neighbors.  Everyone will earn a total of 6 UF credits and all students will live with Dominican families and participate in local and weekend excursions.

Click: SPS student Taylor Doyle wrote this reflection on how UF in the DR impacted her life!

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Please contact Dr. Antonio Sajid López Méndez for more information.