Topics in Combinatorics


MAD 7397 – 0017

Spring 2020



Time:      MWF period 5 

Place:     Little 207

Phone:    352-294-2339

Office:     438 Little Hall



References (not required):

           Graph Theory by R. Diestel

           Introduction to Graph Theory by D. West

           Algebraic Graph Theory by Godsil and Royle



Office Hours:                    Monday, Wednesday, Friday     period 6

                                             (or by appointment)






Topics in Graph Theory – Geometric, Algebraic, Topological

The selected topics illustrate the interplay between graph theory and other branches of mathematics.

    • Art Gallery Problem
    • Page Rank
    • Geometric Representations of Graphs
    • …….Straight-line embedding
    • …….Thrackles
    • …….Steinitz Theorem
    • …….Rubber band representation
    • …….Representation as a tiling by squares
    • …….Coin representation – Koebe’s Theorem, Lipton-Tarjan separator theorem
    • …….Orthogonal representation – Shannon capacity
    • Spectral Graph Theory
    • …….Laplacian of a graph
    • …….Isoperimetric Problems
    • …….Expanders
    • Graph Automorphisms and Homomorphisms
    • …….
    • ……..
    • ……..
    • Knots and Graphs



Course Evaluation:

The grade is based on classroom participation and attendance.





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