Information for Colloquium and Seminar Hosts

Host’s responsibilities

The host of a colloquium speaker should make sure that the visitor understands that a colloquium talk should be aimed in large part towards a general audience. More technical or narrow talks may be more appropriate as seminar talks than as colloquia, and the speaker should be guided to an appropriate level for the audience in any case.

Most details of a speaker’s visit, such picking up the visitor from the airport, making sure the necessary equipment is available for the speaker’s talk, and arranging a dinner following a colloquium, are coordinated by the host.

Some hosts offer home hospitality to their guests; if some of the speaker’s travel expenses will be reimbursed, and the speaker will be staying in a hotel, please have Margaret make hotel reservations to get the best rates and to facilitate direct billing to the department.

On the Day of the Colloquium

On the day of the colloquium the host’s duties include

  • Bring the speaker to the tea at 3:30. If you have other obligations then please arrange for a colleague to do it.
  • The  Atrium has a built-in lcd projector. So if the speaker needs one, they should bring their talk on a usb drive or have it accessible over the web.  If you want assistance, ask Phil Boyland earlier in the day.
  • Please lock the Atrium door and turn out the lights when you leave.

Support for Speakers

The Department of Mathematics only reimburses speakers, up to a predetermined amount, for expenses related to travel, such as air fare, taxi, rental car, hotel, meals or per diem.

To request support from the department through the Visitors and Colloquium Committee, please send email to the chair of the committee with the answers to the questions on the Speaker Request Form.

If your request is recommended for funding (you will be notified by email), please fill out the Visitor Information Form and give it to Margaret Somers at least three weeks prior to the arrival of the speaker so that Margaret will be able to encumber the funds with which to reimburse the speaker.

If the paperwork is done far enough in advance, Margaret will be able to have a check ready for the speaker during the visit.

Please note that the procedures above apply only to short term visitors. If your visitor is coming for more than a few weeks it is more complicated, especially if they are not a US resident. See Margaret and the information at Visitor Form Page.

  • The reimbursement rules apply to funds used from a host’s grant as well as to funds provided by the department.

Hotel Information and Dates to Avoid

The host should coordinate with Margaret so she can make the reservation for the speaker.

On football weekends, it may be difficult to impossible to find a hotel room (let alone at the rates listed below), so keep this in mind when choosing a date for your speaker. Over Homecoming weekend no hotels will have open rooms Saturday night at decent rates. Check the Gatorzone website or the UF calendar website for football weekends.

Our usual hotels are listed below. Talk to Margaret if you need more options. Note that the Rush Lake has closed and so is no longer available.


Hotel Phone Best rate Date rate last checked Comments
AC Hotel Gainesville
(Univ. Ave. & NW 13th St., in the Standard)
352-792-1151 $149.00 This is the tax-exempt department rate which must be direct-billed to department and the reservations must be made by Margaret. Breakfast is $15.95 a day. The only parking available is valet at $20 a day 11/18/19 This is the hotel’s “university business” rate.
Holiday Inn University Center
(Univ. Ave. & NW 13th St.)
376-1661 $159.00 This is the tax-exempt department rate which must be direct-billed to department and the reservations must be made by Margaret. 11/18/19 This is the hotel’s “university business” rate.
Home2 Suites by Hilton
(2115 SW 13th St)
372-1025 $129.00 which includes parking, deluxe hot breakfast, and Wi-Fi. This is the tax-exempt department rate which must be direct-billed to department and the reservations must be made by Margaret. 7/11/17 About 1.5 miles to math department. “We also have a fitness center and laundry room on-site, an outdoor saline pool, and various other amenities”