Information for Colloquium Speakers

Dear Speaker,

We are delighted that you will be speaking in our colloquium. We hope that the information below will help make the experience as successful as possible.The members of your audience will have diverse mathematical backgrounds, and may not be acquainted with the terminology in your field, or at least may not have seen it in quite some time. Therefore it may be helpful if you aim most of your colloquium talk at a general mathematical audience, taking the time to define key terms and to describe core issues of whose importance non-experts may be unaware. Material that only the experts in your field will appreciate should be left to the last few minutes of your talk, to private discussions, or to a seminar talk if you happen also to be speaking in a seminar during your visit.

Similarly, it is helpful if in the abstract of your talk you minimize the use of technical terminology. Once we receive your title and abstract, these will be posted on our colloquium web pages.

“Hours” at the University of Florida are 50 minutes long. Your talk is scheduled to run from 4:05-4:55 p.m., to be followed by a few minutes for questions and answers.

The room in which you will be speaking has a blackboard and an lcd projector to which you can connect your laptop. We can also provide a laptop if you want to bring your talk on a usb drive in pdf or powerpoint form. If there is any other equipment you would like to have available for your talk, please let the colloquium chairman know.

Email questions to Phil Boyland, Colloquium Chair, at