About Professor Edwards

Hello! My name is Bruce Edwards and I have been a mathematics professor at the University of Florida since 1976. I was a mathematics major at Stanford University and graduated in 1968. I then joined the Peace Corps and spent four years teaching math in Colombia, South America. I returned to Dartmouth in 1972 and completed my doctorate in mathematics in 1976.

My research interests include the broad area of numerical analysis. I am particularly interested in the so-called CORDIC algorithms used by computers and graphing calculators to compute function values.

I am also a textbook author with Roland Larson from Penn State University. We have published a large number of mathematics texts with Cengage Publishing: Larson Texts

Related to our textbooks, I have developed a few video lecture courses with The Great Courses (The Teaching Company). You can see more information about these courses at: Great Courses

My hobbies include reading, chess, stamps, simulation baseball games, SuDoku, KenKen, and travel.

I hope you enjoy studying mathematics. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Dr. Bruce H. Edwards
409 Little Hall