Peer Review

Contact the faculty member to be reviewed and arrange for a class visit at a mutually agreeable time, but at least two weeks in advance.

Share a draft of your report with the the reviewee within two weeks of the classroom visit and ask for comments and corrections.

Send the final draft to me (I will then share share the final draft with the reviewee, have it placed in the files, and inform the reviewee that he or she has six weeks to attach a written response if desired). Give a signed copy to Connie.

You are reviewing the course. So you may wish to look at the web site, syllabus, assignments and exams. Further resources and information are provided below.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Peer reviews are subject to the collective bargaining agreement (cba). In particular, the timing of the reviews indicated above is required. Please review the relevant article Article 18 at the very outset of the review process.

The College has developed peer teaching evaluations (2014) best practices. Among other helpful items, this document contains forms you may wish to use when performing classroom visits.

Here is a mathematics peer review guide.

The university syllabus policy

Below is a sample email message to the reviewee to use, or not, and customize, or not, as you choose.

“As part of the departments regular program of peer review of faculty teaching, I have been assigned to review your MAP 2302 course that meets 7th hour MWF. The review includes sitting in on one of your classes. The guidelines for the review require this class visit occur no earlier than two weeks from today. I would like to visit your class Monday (preferred) the ninth of Month or Friday the 13th of Month. Please let me know which of these days you would prefer. I will also review the course web page, syllabus and other available course materials. You may wish to consult

Within two weeks of visiting your class, I will send you a draft of my report and solicit your comments and feedback and ask for corrections before preparing the final report. Once the final report is submitted, you will have six weeks to append a written response if you so choose.”