A Ph.D student and Graduate Assistant at the University of Florida, expected to graduate in May of 2019.

Received a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Florida Atlantic University.

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My mathematical research interests lie in functional anaylsis and operator theory. Currently I am working on establishing new variants of classical theorems such as those due to Szego and Widom for general classes of uniform algebras. Specifically I am interested in the use of Hilbert space representations to extend well-known proof techniques of Abrahamse, Ahern, and Sarason.


My historical research interests are two-fold. I am interested in did-twentieth century American higher education. Specifically the affect World War II and the Cold War had on the national undergraduate mathematics curriculum and the eventual propagation of increased applied coursework as a result. Additionally, I am interested in seventeenth and eighteenth century European mathematics. Specifically the origins of analysis and analytic rigor as it pertains to mathematicians like Euler, Weierstrass, and Cauchy.


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Office Hours: These are located in LIT 433. Availability is given below.

MAC 2312

Monday           –   Period 4  (10:40am – 11:30am)

Tuesday          –   Period 4  (10:40am – 11:30am)


Office: 433 Little Hall
Phone: (352) 294-2367

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Douglas Pfeffer
Department of Mathematics
University of Florida
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