Digital History, Fall 2016 (AMH 5930/EUH5934/LAH5934)

Course description:

Thursday, periods 8-10, Scott Nygren Studio, Library West

This course is an introduction to digital history. The seminar will be centered around three modules in which we focus on a different digital approach to history for 3-4 weeks. In the first, we will be looking at mapping history in space and time. In the second, we will look at digital tools that we can use to trace networks and intersections. In the third, we will consider some hypertext tools and consider whether and how they help us do nonlinear history. During the semester we will also explore what, if anything, digital tools add to our thinking about historical research and presentation. This course counts towards the Digital Humanities Certificate.

Book list:

Gold and Klein, editors, Debates in the Digital Humanities, 2d ed. (University of Minnesota Press, 2016) (required)

Graham and Milligan, Exploring Big Historical Data: The Historians Macroscope (Imperial College Press, 2015) (recommended)

Smith, Manifesto for the Humanities (U of Michigan Press, 2015) (required)

Syllabus Digital History Lab.Fall2016

Syllabus (from previous year, to be amended): Digital History.Fall2014


Digital history sites of interest:

Asian History
European History (Medieval/Early Modern)
U.S. History
Social Movements