Links for writing and for professional development.

Guides to Writing and Citation

Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian) Guide

This is a link to the University of Wisconsin’s Writing Center.  It includes valuable links from the Chicago Manual (also called “Turabian’s”) for citations etc.


Reading, Writing, and Researching for History

Patrick Rael, Bowdoin University, has prepared this wonderful web page,   It includes wise advice on researching and writing papers.  It is well work your time.


H-Net’s Guide for Citing Internet Sources

This page has been around for awhile, but I think that the fundamental conventions are unchanged.


Teaching History

History Matters

This is a site from George Mason University that is a gateway for tons of information on teaching U. S. History.


Digital History

This is a web page from the University of Houston that is aimed at folks teaching U.S. History.  There is some useful material here.


Professional Links for Graduate Students 

Some Major Organizations

The AHA Web Page

This web page is full of links to reports and opinion pieces about all aspects of the profession.  Well worth browsing.


Organization of American Historians

OAH main web page.


The Southern Historical Association

The SHA’s main web page.


AHA Directory of Dissertations

This is a nice search engine.  It is useful for finding out if someone has already written your dissertation topic.


AHA Directory of History Departments

Another search engine.  A useful way to find out about who is in a department when you are applying for jobs.


Getting a Job

AHA Career Center

One of the key places to visit when you are in search of jobs.


AHA:  Guide to Cover Letters and C.V.s

A useful piece


AHA:  Another essay on Cover Letters and C.V.s

Also useful.


AHA:  On Preparing a Teaching Portfolio

It is worth thinking about your teaching portfolio long before you are in the job market.


Chronicle of Higher Education:  The Basics of Writing Cover Letters

For folks in the job market.


Getting Published

Book Publishing for the Uninitiated

This is an essay written by Susan Ferber of Oxford University Press.  Ferber is one of the top editors around (I worked with her on my book about Anna Dickinson).


On Publishing Journal Articles

My old friend and colleague C. Dallett Hemphill wrote this short piece advising young scholars about the journal publishing business.  It is full of excellent advice.  (Sadly, Dallett died very shortly after this essay appeared.)


Some other useful professional links

AHA Guide to Professional Conduct

Explains how the AHA defines plagiarism and various other useful things.



H-Net hosts a long list of discussion groups (of uneven quality).  It is also a great place to look for job ads as well as announcements of grants and conferences.


History News Network

HNN links to various news stories and commentaries, largely dealing with how historians find their way into public discourse.


HNN Blogroll

This page has links to a staggering number of blogs addressing some aspect of history.  No doubt all are superb.  This is a good place to visit if you wish to extend your graduate career by a few years.