International Mezzotint Society

The International Mezzotint Society (I.M.S.) was established in 1997 by the late Director, Dr. A. David Crown, M.D.  There are more than 100 members internationally. The primary objective is to share enthusiasm and information, and spread knowledge of the technique and its history, to other artists who may presently feel somewhat isolated. The I.M.S. also extends membership to devotees, mezzotint collectors and print-lovers.

I.M.S. can be of special assistance to members with technical questions, especially about inks, paper, tools, etc. Listings of overseas opportunities and future shows are made available. An International Mezzotint Society Bulletin is posted free by e-mail to members about once or twice a month to share information about techniques, biographical material about the members and to find solutions to questions posed by members, etc.

The International Mezzotint Society welcomes original articles and encourages active participation.


  • The Society is essentially informational and informal.
  • There are no dues because we communicate by e-mail.
  • If we later incur expenses it may be necessary to have a membership fee.
  • All mezzotint artists or devotees with e-mail are invited to become members.
  • Members may wish to include “Member of I.M.S.” on their resume.
  • Our website is:
  • Questions about the I.M.S. may be sent directly to Deborah Cohen-Crown, Associate Director and Bulletin Editor,  International Mezzotint Society. The e-mail address is: DCROWN@BELLSOUTH.NET


Membership in the International Mezzotint Society is free. New members are requested to provide a short autobiography which will be sent to the membership. It could include information about how long you have been creating mezzotints, what attracted you to them, do you create other kinds of printmaking or art, and what you are now working on. It is always interesting to the members to know whether you create mezzotints for love and/or money, and whether you find art lovers understand the technique. Another group of members, very welcome, are simply admirers and collectors of mezzotints.

Please send this directly to: DCROWN@BELLSOUTH.NET

This information will be sent out to all the members who will then be aware of your admission to the I.M.S.


is distributed by e-mail and is edited by

I.M.S. Associate Director, Deborah Cohen-Crown

The purpose of the I.M.S. Bulletin is to:

  1. Share information about sources of supplies, e.g., inks, papers, etc.
  2. Exchange technical information and biographical material about the members.
  3. Provide news of forthcoming exhibitions.
  4. Organize traveling exhibits and international exchanges.
  5. Publicize and/or initiate professional meetings in various locations.
  6. Provide news about galleries and art dealers particularly interested and intrigued by mezzotints.

Members are encouraged to send news, articles, questions and auto-biographical material to put in the I.M.S. Bulletin to: DCROWN@BELLSOUTH.NET

Jayne Reid Jackson
Director, International Mezzotint Society

Linda Whitney, Assistant Director, IMS

Deborah Cohen-Crown, Associate Director, Bulletin Editor, IMS

Gainesville, Florida


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