Former Graduate Students

This page is under construction. In the meantime, here’s a picture of some current and former students taken at the 1994 ABA Conference in Atlanta. Front (L to R): Dorothea Lerman, Eileen Roscoe, Michele Wallace, Melissa Shirley, Jana Lindberg, Iser (Willie) DeLeon. Back: Chris LaBelle, Julie Conners, Tim Vollmer, SungWoo Kahng, Han Leong Goh, me, April Worsdell, Nancy Neef, Rick Smith, Jennifer Zarcone.

Here’s another, from ABA 1996 in San Francisco. We spent a day before the conference in Napa Valley, stopping at Muir Woods on the way back, L to R: SungWoo Kahng, Willie DeLeon, Han Leong Goh, me. The ladies are missing (off looking at redwoods, I think).




Finally, here’s a pic taken before one of our lab meetings. L to R: April Worsdell, SungWoo Kahng, Michele Wallace, Rachel Thompson, Greg Hanley, Eileen Roscoe, Julie Conners, Jana Lindberg