Jaylynne Hocutthocutt

Graduate Student at the University of Florida graduating with a MST in mathematics in Spring 2021.


Surprisingly, I am human. Some of my academic interests are harmonic analysis, functional analysis, and history of education.  Some life interests are kayaking, video and board games, spikeball, goalty, and ultimate frisbee.  I have played for both of UFs women’s ultimate club teams Diesel and Fuel, and currently play for Fuel.

Contact Information

Office Hours for MAC 2313:

Mondays 9:35am-10:25am (3rd period)

Thursdays 9:35am-10:25am (3rd period)

(Links for office hours can be found on Canvas)



Email: jahocutt@ufl.edu
Phone: (352) 273-5555
Office: 417 Little Hall