Here’s a list of very recent invited talks and lectures outside UF.
  1. Feb. 17th 2014:The loss of history and the strength of density dependence. UF Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Seminar.
  2.  November 2013 Data Cloning and statistical inference for modern ecological and evolutionary stochastic models. UF Statistics departmental seminar.
  3.  April 22-23 2013: I was invited by prof. John Drake to the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia to teach a workshop on statistical inference for stochastic processes in Ecology, and give a seminar to the group: Population biology of infectious diseases, REU ( Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU Site).
  4.   August 2013: Presentation at the Joint Statistical Meeting, US-Canada, by invitation to the contributed session on Statistical Computing: Recent advances in likelihood-based inference in Mixed Models using Data Cloning. The title of the talk was Data Cloning, Parameter identifiability and the structure of variability in ecological and evolutionary time series.
  5. October 2013. Talk by invitation at the Multi-Model Inference Symposium entitled Multi-model inference: trends and future directions, held at the annual Wildlife Society Meeting (TWS) at Milwaukee this year. I presented the talk: Fundamental questions in biology, stochastic processes and multi-model inference.
  6. October 2012: Invited to present my work on “On using spatial satellite tags information to estimate CPUEs” at Montpellier, France, within the framework of the EU MADE project (
  7. March 2012: Invited to give a talk at the Mathematical Biology Institute at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, during the workshop: “Evolution and spread of diseases”.
  8. March 2011: Invited to teach a Short Course at NIMBioS: Tutorial on Stochastic Models with Biological Applications, taught along with Jie Xiong, Linda Allen and Edward Allen (
  9. November 2009. Short Course: “Probability Generating Functions in Ecology”. Pre- sented at the Second Biostatistics Workshop held at CIMAT.
  10. June 2009. Invited talk: “An integral approximation to epidemiological modeling, with applications to the dynamics of the syncytial virus”. Presented at the Second National Forum of mathematics Theses held at CIMAT.
  11. June 2009. One Week Short Course: “The Coalescent Process”. Presented at the second summer for research in Probability and Statistics at CIMAT. Intended for the best graduate mathematics students from all over the country.
  12. November 2008. Invited Talk: “Adaptive Evolution in bacterial biofilms”. CIMAT’s Biostatistics Workshop.
  13. November 2008. Invited Talk:“Inference for hierarchical models in Ecology”. Presented at the Mexican Ecology Society Meeting in M ́erida, Mexico.
  14. October 2008. Invited Talk: “Adaptive Evolution in bacterial biofilms”. Presented at the seminar of CIMAT’s Computer Science Department.
  15. September 2008. Invited Talk: “Stochastic population modeling in Ecology and Con- servation Biology”. Presented at the Mathematics Department of the Unviersidad de Guanajuato.
  16. July 2008. Accepted Talk from an author-blinded, abstract selection process for the First International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC) held at the University of Saint Andrews, Scotland. Title: “Inference for hierarchical models in ecology: confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and model selection using data cloning”.
  17. April 2008. Invited Talk: “Demographic stochasticity, environmental variability and genetic heterogeneity: implications for conservation biology”. Presented at the Institute for Research in Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS) at Mexico’s National University (UNAM), Mexico City.
  18. April 2008. Invited Talk: “Adaptive evolution in bacterial biofilms”. Presented at CIMAT’s Pure Mathematics seminar.
  19. March 2008. Invited Talk: “Demographic stochasticity, environmental variability and genetic heterogeneity: implications for conservation biology”. Presented at CIMAT’s Applied Mathematics’ seminar
  20. November 2007. Invited Talk:“Challenges and opportunities for Statistical Science in Bioinformatics”. Presented at the first bioinformatics meeting at the Colegio de Post Graduados, Texcoco, México.
  21. October 2007. Invited Talk: “Challenges and opportunities for Statistical Science in Bioinformatics”. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Mexican Mathematics Society. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.
  22. December 2006. Talk: “Modeling the ecology and evolution of population dynamics: a stochastic approach”. Seminar of the Ecology Department at Montana State University.
  23. July 2006: Chosen to present in the special Poster Presentation Session at the 1st Biennial IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence (National Institutes of Health) in Washington D.C.
  24. August 2006: Invited to an oral presentation at the Ecological Society of America meeting: “On the use of stochastic population models in experimental evolution”.
  25. 2006, January: public PhD thesis presentation and oral defense.
  26. 2005: Presentation for the IBEST group: Modeling bacterial plasmid dynamics using
    a State-Space model approach.
  27. 2005: Presentation for the IBEST biofilm group: Extensive diversification occurs in biofilms of Escherichia coli.
  28. 2004: Presentation for the IBEST group: Simple ecological models and statistical methods for bacterial growth cultures
  29. 2004: Poster presentation of my Statistics Master thesis at the Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America at Portland, Oregon.
  30. 2004: Public defense of my Statistics masters thesis.
  31. 2002-2004: Annual poster presentations of current research with Dr. Paul Joyce at the IBEST research group of the University of Idaho, before the project evaluators: Bruce Levin, Joseph Felsenstein and J. Roth.
  32. 2001, April: Presentation of my Master Thesis work at the Annual Meeting of the Chilean and Argentinean Ecology Society held at Bariloche, Argentina.
  33. 2001, May: Public defense of my Ecology Masters thesis at the Universidad Austral de Chile.
  34. 1998: Public defense of my biology thesis at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.