Joni Wrightsturgeon_tagging 102

Ph.D. Candidate in Zoology

Department of Biology, University of Florida

Areas of Interest/Research

Evolutionary Neurophysiology, Physiological Ecology, and Renal Physiology


I am broadly interested in physiological ecology and molecular evolution of animals. I use comparative approaches to elucidate mechanisms employed by animals which allow them to adapt to their environment. My research is focused around exploring how physiological adaptations contribute to an organism’s behavior and the evolution of those adaptations.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology and a Master of Science degree specializing in marine vertebrate physiology. I am currently studying in the Kimball/Braun Laboratory at UF working toward a Ph.D. in Zoology. My Ph.D. work aims to identify the behavioral abilities and olfactory receptor evolution between turkey (Cathartes aura) and black (Coragyps atratus) vultures which are thought to demonstrate striking differences in dependence on olfaction for foraging.

I have taught the following courses at other colleges: General Biology, Oceanography and Marine Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Comparative Animal Physiology, and Zoology. I have served as the teaching assistant for two physiology courses at UF: PCB4723C titled Physiology and Molecular Biology of Animals and PCB3713C: Cell and Systems Physiology. In Summer 2015, I will serve as the instructor for the former.

Contact Information

Office: 318 Carr Hall