Course 2 (Spring 2017) Elementary PDEs. MAP 4341/5345 Sections 2780/2844

Time and Location

M W F4, Little 205  10:40am-11:30am.

Office Hour: MHF 12:30-1:30pm. Office Little Hall 466, phone: 294-2344 email; leizhang at ufl dot edu

Course objectives and Goals

The main goal of the course is to use elementary mathematics to introduce partial differential equations and their applications. Students should have taken MAP 2302( Elementary Differential Equations) before taking this course. If time permits the following topics will be presented: Heat Equation,Method of separation of variables, Fourier series, Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problems, Finite Difference methods for PDEs, Higher Dimensional PDEs,Non-homogeneous problems, Green’s functions.

Weekly schedule:

Each of the aforementioned topics will be covered in one to two weeks.


R. Haberman. Applied Partial Differential Equations, 4th Edition. ISBN 0-13-065243-1


Homework will be assigned after each lecture. I will collect the homework from time to time.

Final Grades

Exam one (mid-term) January 23 (20%)

Exam two (mid-term)  February 27 (20%)

Exam three (mid-term) March 27  (20%)

Exam four(mid-term) April 19 (20%)

Homework –20%

Grading Scale

A: 88+ or above; B+: 82-87; B: 75-81; C+: 68-74; C: 60-67; D: 50-59; E: 0-49.

Attendance and Late Policy

ABSOLUTELY NO MAKEUPS WITHOUT MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION. Requirements for class attendance and make-up exams, assignments, and other work in this course are consistent with university policies that can be found at :

Students that need accommodation

Students with disabilities requesting accommodations should first register with the Disability Resource Center (352-392-8565, by providing appropriate documentation. Once registered, students will receive an accommodation letter which must be presented to the instructor when requesting accommodation. Students with disabilities should follow this procedure as early as possible in the semester.

Information on current UF grading policies for assigning grade points:

Information on course evaluation

Students are expected to provide feedback on the quality of instruction in this course by completing online evaluations at Evaluations are typically open during the last two or three weeks of the semester, but students will be given specific times when they are open. Summary results of these assessments are available to students at