MAP 4484/5489 Modeling in Mathematical Biology

Basic Information

Instructor:  Maia  Martcheva

Office: 469 Little Hall


Course Meetings:  MWF  12:50 -1:40  (Period 6)    LIT  125

Office Hours: WF  Period 3 or by appointment

You can read more details about the class from the syllabus.  There will be one midterm exam and one final. There will be regular in-class quizzes and a project completed in teams.

Exam Schedule


  • Midterm Exam:   February 27, 2019  (in class)
  • Final Exam:  April 10, 2019  (in class)


Useful Links

  Past Practice Final:


Mathematica Tools:  Here are some web-sites that will help you get started and use Mathematica: