MAP 4484/5489 Modeling in Mathematical Biology

Basic Information

Instructor:  Maia  Martcheva

Office: 469 Little Hall


Course Meetings:  MWF  9:35 -10:25 (Period 3)    LIT  127

Office Hours: MWF  Period 5 or by appointment

You can read more details about the class from the syllabus.  There will be one midterm exam and one final.


Exam Schedule


  • Midterm Exam:   February 29, 2012 (in class)
  • Final Exam (comprehensive):  April 25, 2012 (in class)

Useful Links

  Homework assignments for Spring 2012:





The midterm is  worth 100 points.  The final is worth 150 points. You are expected to take the exams during the scheduled time. Make-up exams will not be given. There will be several homework assignments whose total will be rescaled to 50 points. For the graduate students the total on the tests and homeworks will be  80% of their final grade. The remaning 20% will be based on a presentation and term paper written on the presentation. Attendance will have no impact on grade if you miss up to 4 classes. For each additional class missed the grade will be reduced.



Mathematica Tools:  Here are some web-sites that will help you get started and use Mathematica: