Dr Maddy Coy 

Maddy joined the Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research as a Lecturer in January 2018, having worked in the field of violence against women for as variously a practitioner, researcher, lecturer and activist for 20 years. Previously she was a Reader (Associate Professor) at London Metropolitan University, U.K., and Deputy Director of the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, where from 2006-2017 she worked on research projects covering a wide range of forms of violence against women, including experiences of survivors, evaluations of intervention projects, mapping of specialist support services and discourses about child sexual abuse. She co-ordinated an M.A. program, taught on courses about violence against women, sexual violence, sexual exploitation and participatory research methods. 

Her areas of teaching and research expertise are violence against women, sexual exploitation and ‘sexualized sexism’ in popular culture.  Maddy is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK, and a Faculty Fellow at Prevention Innovations Research Center, University of New Hampshire. 

Maddy is passionate about connecting feminist research and praxis. Throughout her work she has applied the concept of ‘practice-based evidence’ to capture the expertise of specialist practitioners that support survivors of violence. She has over 60 publications on violence against women and girls, sexual exploitation and sexualized popular culture and is regularly consulted as an international public policy expert. Maddy is an Associate Editor for Women’s Studies International Forum and is on the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Gender-Based Violence. She also serves on the advisory council for the Alachua County Victim Services and Rape Crisis Center.

Current projects

Maddy is part of an international team who are convening a conference on faculty sexual misconduct in July 2019, led by Dr Julie Libarkin (Michigan State University). She is also working on her colleague Dr Alyssa Zucker’s project to analyze rape attrition rates in Alachua County. 


  • 2018 Anderson Scholar Faculty Honoree, University of Florida


B.A.(Hons) Women’s Studies, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, 1998
M.A. Research and Social Policy, University of Birmingham, 2001
Ph.D. Loughborough University, UK, 2007
Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, London Metropolitan University, UK, 2016

Selected recent publications

Coy, M., Smiley, C., & Tyler, M. (2019) Challenging The ‘Prostitution Problem’: Dissenting Voices, Sex Buyers and the Myth of Neutrality in Prostitution Research Archives of Sexual Behavior. Published online March 26th 2019

Coy, M. and M.A.H. Horvath (2018) Young people, Pornography and Gendered Sexual Practices in Lamb, S. & Gilbert, J. (eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Sexual Development: Childhood and Adolescence Cambridge: University Press

Coy, M. and Kelly, L. (in press) The Responsibilisation of Women who Experience Domestic Violence. In Hagemann-White, C. & Meysen, T. (eds) Culture and Ethics in the Art of Intervention Against Violence Leverkusen: Verlag Barbara Budrich

Lovett, J., Coy, M. & Kelly, L. (2018) Deflection, Denial and Disbelief: Social and Political Discourses about Child Sexual Abuse and Their Impact on Institutional Responses: A Rapid Evidence Assessment London: Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (peer-reviewed research report)

Coy, M. (2017) Prostitution in (and out of) Policy on Violence Against Women and Girls in the UK Journal of Gender-Based Violence 1(1) 117-126

Coy, M. (2016) Joining the Dots on Sexual Exploitation of Children and Women: Gaps in UK Policy Approaches Critical Social Policy 36(4) 572–59

Coy, M., Kelly, L., Garner, M., Kanyeredzi, A., & Vera-Gray, F. (2016) From ‘no means no’ to ‘an enthusiastic yes’: changing the discourse on sexual consent through Sex and Relationships Education in Sundaram, V. & Saunders, H. (eds) Global Perspectives and Debates on Sex and Relationships Education: Addressing Issues of Gender, Sexuality, Plurality and Power London: Palgrave Macmillan pp.84-99

Coy, M., Scott, E., Tweedale, R., & Perks, K. (2015) ‘It’s like going through the abuse again’: Domestic Violence and Women and Children’s (un)safety in Private Law Contact Proceedings Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 37(1) 53-69

Contact Information

Email: m.coy@ufl.edu
Phone: (352) 273-0391
Office: 303 Ustler Hall

Office Hours: Spring 2019 Monday 11-12 and Thursday 10-12

Mailing address: PO Box 117352, Gainesville FL 32611