I am currently a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Florida, Department of Political Science. My research interests revolve around election administration, public administration and policy, election reforms, and state and local politics. The major themes guiding my studies are electoral accountability and representation. My involvement in European and American politics has given me a broad perspective with respect to representative democracy in different institutional and electoral contexts.
At the moment, I am working towards my dissertation, which focuses on the administration of election reforms across the 50 American states, more specifically on voter registration issues that may create further complications at the ballot box. My research also includes the assessment of the driving factors behind the casting and verifying of provisional ballots, as well as the systematic study of recall elections of state officials.

Areas of Interest/Research

American State Politics, American Elections and Election Administration, Election Reform, Election Data Transparency, American Political Behavior, Direct Democracy.

Contact Information

Office Hours for Spring 2016: Friday 10:45 am -12:30 pm and by appointment.

Office: 006 Anderson Hall

Address: 234 Anderson Hall, Gainesville Fl 32611

Email: merivali@ufl.edu