MTG 6347, Topology 2

Time and Location

M,W,F | Period 6 (12:50 PM – 1:40 PM), MAT 6

Description and Goals

This course is an introduction to algebraic topology and applied algebraic topology. We will study basic categorical notions, simplicial approximation, persistent homology, cohomology groups, cup products and Poincare Duality.

It is a continuation of MTG 6346, Topology 1.

Course Syllabus (provisional)

link to pdf


There are several good textbooks that could be used for this course.

  • Allen Hatcher. Algebraic Topology. Cambridge University Press, 2002. ISBN 0-521-79540-0.
  • Anatoly Fomenko and Dmitry Fuchs. Homotopical Topology, 2nd edn. Springer, 2016. ISBN 978-3-319-23487-8.
  • Glen E. Bredon. Topology and Geometry. Springer, 1993. ISBN 0-387-97926-3.
  • James R. Munkres. Elements of Algebraic Topology. Perseus Publishing, 1984. ISBN0-201-62728-0.