MAP 4305/5304 Sections 0099/3234 – Intermediate Differential Equations – Fall 2021

  • Instructor: Dr. Richard Crew, Little Hall 404
  • Office Hours: Tuesday 4th period (Zoom), Wednesday 4th period (Little 404)
  • email:
  • Classroom and meeting time: Turlington 2319, MWF 2

Course Description

This course is the sequel to MAP2302, the Math Department’s introductory course in differential equations. The text is the latest edition of Nagle, Saff and Snider’s Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Values, but any recent edition can be used. We will cover most of chapters 8, 9, 11 and 12 and some material from chapter 5. NOTE: do not confuse this book with the similarly named “Fundamentals of Differential Equations” by the same authors, which lacks chapters 11 and 12.


MAP 2302 is required. A course in linear algebra (MAS 3114 or MAS 4105) would be helpful, but we will cover the necessary material from scratch.

Course Format and Grading

The final course grade will be determined from five midterm exams, which will be announced on the CANVAS page for this course. There will be no exam during the regular final exam period. Homework will be assigned and discussed in class, but not collected or graded. Each exam will count for 20% of the total grade, and then final letter grades for the course as follows, depending on the student’s enrollment:

  • MAP5304: A, 90% or above; B, 80-89%; C,
    70-79%; D, 60-69%; E, 59% or below.
  • MAP4305: A, 90% or above; B,
    80-89%; C, 65-79%; D, 50-64%; E, 49% or below.

These percentages may be modified after the second midterm exam.

Course Policies

  • The student should be familiar with the University’s Academic Honesty Policies
  • Attendance will not be taken, but it is the student’s responsibility to attend classes, and to get notes for the lectures if a class must be missed. This policy is consistent with university regulations on attendance.
  • Makeups for exams must arranged in advance, except in the case of a documented medical emergency. Acceptable reasons for missing an exam are serious family emergencies, special curricular requirements of other units of the University, military obligations, religious holidays, severe weather conditions, or court-imposed legal obligations
  • Students requiring accommodation for disabilities must make arrangements through the Disability Resource Center.
  • Students are expected to provide feedback on the quality of instruction by completing online evaluations. Typically this process takes place during the last weeks of the semester. The results of the evaluations are available when they are tabulated.
  • Please silence your cell phones.


This web page is the authoritative source for the syllabus and course requirements, and supersedes all previous versions.