GLY 4822/5827: Groundwater Geology

Offered spring semester 2018 (a draft syllabus)

Registration Note: Although GLY 4822 is not departmentally controlled, some students have experienced issues registering. This is often due to the system not recognizing prerequisite courses. If you have problems, please contact the department academic assistant Pam Haines or Prof Screaton for registration help.

Who takes this course?

  • Students interested in learning and applying groundwater flow concepts.
  • Students from geological sciences and other departments considering groundwater-related careers or research.


  • Groundwater Science (Fitts)  2nd Edition. Note: Students have previous asked about whether any of the assignments require access codes or other “extras”.  No — so used texts, rentals, etc should be fine for the class.


  • Darcy’s Law and the basics of groundwater flow.
  • Hydraulic Conductivity and Hydraulic Head
  • Geologic Information for Groundwater Studies
  • Geology of Groundwater and Florida’s Hydrogeology
  • Storage and Groundwater Flow Equations
  • Potentiometric surface maps and Groundwater/surface water
  • Recharge and Groundwater Flow Patterns
  • Flow to Wells
  • Freshwater/Saltwater Mixing and Groundwater Modeling
  • Groundwater Contamination