MAD 6407 Numerical Analysis (S20)

Time and Location

M W F Period 5 (11:45-12:35pm), Little Hall Room 205

Syllabus <- (that’s a link, click on it!)

Homework: Posted on  Canvas.

Assignments should be turned in either in class or to my office by the end of the class on the day they are due.  Typed assignments may be emailed, and will be considered on time if they are sent by 4am the following morning.

Either full or partial solutions will be posted.

Important Dates:

  • midterm: TBD
  • final exam: TBD

Useful References:

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation:

  • Numerical Analysis, Walter Gautschi.
  • Numerical Mathematics. A. Quarteroni, R. Sacco and F. Saleri.
  • Numerical Analysis. D. Kincaid and W. Cheney.
  • Introduction to Scientific Computing and Data Analysis. M. Holmes.

Linear Algebra:

  • Linear Algebra and its Applications. G. Strang

Numerical Linear Algebra:

  • Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms. N. Higham.
  • Matrix Analysis. R. Horn and C. Johnson.
  • Matrix Computations. G. Golub and C. Van Loan.
  • Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations. C. T. Kelley.

Getting started with Matlab:

  • Official “Getting started with Matlab” guide (by Mathworks)
  • A quick tutorial on Matlab, by Gowtham Bellala, U. Mich.
  • Or, just do a search on “matlab tutorial,” and you will find many options.
  • This is not a programming class, but I expect you to understand and use basic control structures such as for, while and if statements, to assign and access variables within arrays, and to define and call functions.  Sample code will be provided.

Useful Links: