Passionate about Tutoring Calculus

Now that I am retired, I am delighted to find a student (or students) to tutor in Calculus I or Calculus II. If interested, please contact me at  or  or by phone at (352)-375-2902.

Introductory Topology. Introductory Point set topology is an abstraction on the basic  concepts (limits and continuity) in the calculus.  An introduction to topology enables a student to achieve mathematical maturity so that he or she can easily understand those very difficult concepts and theorems in the first calculus course. One receives an even greater payoff from an early introduction to topology if this introduction comes before taking courses in advanced calculus, complex analysis, or real analysis.The mathematical maturity gained from the topological experience would save the student an enormous amount of labor and time.  Many students find themselves being introduced to topology after they have completed the other courses mentioned.  The early introduction to topology also allows the student to begin great enjoyment of some of the most marvelous beauty in the world of mathematics.

Over the years, I have had many students ask to study topology early with me on an individual basis.  (Here, there would be no registration fees and no pressure tests– just the fun and enrichment!  So if you like a project like this, just let me know.

Calculus II handouts that I always distributed to my classes were:

  1. A handout on Trigonometric Substitutions
  2. A handout on Integration Formulas
  3. Remarkable Theorem
  4. Limits
  5. Limits to Know

Sample Calculus II Test