Molly C. Selba


Contact information




  • University of Florida, Ph.D. Student, Biological Anthropology, 2020 (Expected)
  • University of Florida, M.A. Anthropology, Concentration in Biological, 2017
  • Johns Hopkins University, B.A., Archaeology/Anthropology, 2014


Research Interests

My research interests include comparative anatomy, cranial morphology, and anatomical sciences education. I am most interested in how cranial morphology varies within and between species and how it is impacted by factors such as evolution and breeding practices. My previous research mainly focused on nasal anatomy in an evolutionary context, however, I am currently researching the differences in cranial morphology between brachycephalic and normocephalic dogs created by artificial selection for facial reduction. My dissertation research includes a comparative study of facial reduction across three representative taxa (bats, primates, and dogs), further exploration of the effects of facial reduction in dogs, and pedagogical research on teaching the concept of facial reduction. In my free time I enjoy doing science communication on behalf of the Human Evolution Teaching Materials Project and the Thompson Earth Systems Institute.


Honors and Awards

Nominated for the P.E.O Scholars Award, CQ Chapter, Fall 2018

American Association of Anatomists Short-term Visiting Scholarship, University of Florida, Spring 2018

Society for the Study of Evolution Small Grants Program for Local and Regional Outreach Promoting the Understanding of Evolutionary Biology Grant, Spring 2018

University of Florida Department of Anthropology Poster Contest, Second Place, Fall 2017

O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship Award, Spring 2017

Society for the Study of Evolution Small Grants Program for Local and Regional Outreach: Promoting the Understanding of Evolutionary Biology Grant, Spring 2017

Alpha Epsilon Lambda (Graduate Honors Society), Fall 2016 – Present

University of Florida Graduate School Fellowship, Fall 2015 – Present

Johns Hopkins University Departmental Honors, 2014

Johns Hopkins University General Honors, 2014

Johns Hopkins University Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award: The Raymond Westbrook Undergraduate Research Award in Near Eastern Studies, 2014


Honor Societies

Alpha Epsilon Lambda


Professional Societies

Sigma Xi, 2018-Present

The Southeastern Evolutionary Perspectives Society, 2017-Present

Florida Anthropological Student Association, 2016-Present

Alpha Epsilon Lambda (Graduate Student Honors Society), 2016-Present

Society for the Study of Evolution, 2017-Present

American Association of Physical Anthropologists, 2014-Present

American Association of Anatomists, 2015-Present

Paleopathology Association, 2014-2016



Florida Anthropological Student Association (FASA), New Graduate Student Liaison, Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

Florida Museum of Natural History, Volunteer, 2016-Present

Human Evolution Teaching Materials Project, Creator, 2016-Present

Alpha Epsilon Lambda, Membership Chair, 2017-2018

Alpha Epsilon Lambda, President, Spring 2018-Present


Current Lab Projects

  • Database organization
  • Webpage development



Selba MC. 2019. The Human Evolution Teaching Materials Project: A Case for the Incorporation of 3D Prints into K-12 Science Curricula. EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium, 43-38.

Selba MC, Oechtering G, Heng HG, DeLeon VB. 2019. The Impact of Selection for Facial Reduction in Dogs: Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Canine Cranial Shape. Anatomical Record [Early View]

Smith TD, Martell MC, Rossie JB, Bonar CJ, DeLeon VB. 2016. Ontogeny and Microanatomy of the Nasal Turbinals in Lemuriformes. Anatomical Record, 299(11), 1492-1510.


Published Abstracts/Posters Presented

2017 Martell MC, Smith TD, DeLeon VB
Relationship of Turbinal Surface Area and Nasal Cavity Volume in Primates. American Journal of Physical Anthropology

2016 Martell MC and Balachandran S
AN INVESTIGATION OF ELEMENTAL BIOGENIC UPTAKE: PORTABLE X-RAY FLUORESCENCE AS A METHOD OF OSTEOLOGICAL ANALYSIS. Poster presented at the Eighty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Paleopathology Association, Atlanta, Georgia.

2016 Martell MC, Smith TD, Rossie JB, DeLeon VB
Heterochrony of nasal turbinal development in Primates. American Journal of Physical Anthropology

2015 Martell MC, Powell EE, Smith TD, DeLeon VB
Ontogeny of nasal turbinals in Lemur catta. American Journal of Physical Anthropology

2015 Martell MC and Hunt DR
DISTRIBUTION OF RHOMBOID FOSSA BY SEX AND ANCESTRY. Poster presented at the Eighty-Forth Annual Meeting of the Paleopathology Association, Atlanta, Georgia.