Lab Photos

First day of school for new graduate students Janelle Bacotti and Lindsay Lloveras

First lab meeting for Lindsay Lloveras


Last lab meeting for Dr. Fernand

Faris Kronfli, Dr. Ibañez, Eliana Pizarro, and Brandon Perez presented research to parents, teachers, and practitioners thanks to a grant from the Chelsea MacGruder Foundation

Dr. Vollmer and Dr. Fernand presented at a conference in Rome, Italy.

Janelle received a “Labster of the Week” JABA pencil at her first lab meeting.

Last lab meeting for Dr. Meghan Deshais

The Vollmer Lab and Florida Autism Center collaborators presented 5 papers and 7 posters at the ABAI 2018 conference.

The Vollmer Lab received a grant from the Chelsea MacGruder Foundation to present research to parents and teachers

Ray’s last lab meeting

Dr. Vollmer is honored with a mentoring award at ABAI 2017; past and present lab members celebrated with custom tee-shirts.

Sam Morris presents a poster at ABAI 2017

Danny Conine and Sarah Mathison present a poster at ABAI 2017

Hiking at ABAI 2017

Dr. Vollmer presenting in Rome, Italy

Dr. Fernand is never without a bow tie.

Graduation day for Dr. Joslyn

Dr. Vollmer and Dr. Carr at BACB

Dr. Joslyn’s dissertation defense.

Dr. Fernand’s dissertation defense.

Emma’s Master’s defense

Stomp the Swamp 2017

Behavior Analysis Holiday Party 2016.

Dr. Vollmer and Dr. Reyes at BABAT 2016.

Lab Dinner at FABA 2016

Fun at ABAI 2016

Vollmer Lab at ABAI 2016.

Graduation day for Dr. Sarah Slocum and Dr. Michele Traub.

The Stomp the Swamp 2016 BARC/FAC team.

Visiting scholars from Mexico and India.

Saying goodbye to post-doctoral fellow Dr. Varsovia “La Profesora” Hernandez.

Graduation day for Dr. Catherine Simms and Dr. Kara Wunderlich.

Michele Traub and Lindsay Mehrkam received Graduate Student Teaching Awards in spring of 2015.

Graduation day for Dr. Kerri Peters.

Graduation day for Dr. Stephen Walker.

Tim Vollmer received the Outstanding Scientific Contributions to the Field of Behavior Analysis Award at the 2012 Florida Association for Behavior Analysis annual conference.

Last lab meeting for Dr. Cristina Whitehouse, August 2012.

Last lab meeting for Dr. Cara Phillips, May 2012.

Jeanne Donaldson and Tim Vollmer at graduation, Dec. 2011.

Tim Vollmer and Jo Sy: recipient of the Behavior Analysis Research Award 2011.

Iowa 2011 From left: Cara Phillips, Jeanne Donaldson, Nicole Zeug, Stephen Walker, Catherine Simms, Michele Traub, Kerri Peters, and Tim Vollmer.

August 2011 graduates From left: Jen Rusak, Amanda Bosch, Andrea Zawoyski (UF undergrad), Tim Vollmer, and Jolene Sy.

Graduation fall 2011 Tim Vollmer and Amanda Bosch (missing Jo Sy).

Last lab meeting for Drs. Bosch and Sy and Andrea Zawoyski, August 2011.

FABA 2010 From top left: Kara Wunderlich, Tim Vollmer, Cristina Whitehouse,
Nate Azrin, Cara Phillips, Amanda Bosch, Jolene Sy, Jeanne Donaldson.
Bottom left: Kerri Peters, Ray Joslyn, and Vicky Azrin.

FABA 2009 From left: Cara Phillips, Jeannae Donaldson, Stephen Walker, Kerri Peters, Cristina Whitehouse, and Jolene Sy.

Jeanne Donaldson and Kim Sloman at lab meeting. This was Kim’s last lab meeting and Jeanne’s first lab meeting.

That is DOCTOR Kim Sloman to you buddy…

Jorge “Joey” Reyes receiving the Behavior Analysis Research Award 2008.

Elizabeth Athens, Claire St.Peter Pipkin, and Tim at Claire’s graduation party.

Professor John Borrero

Dr. Bourret

Joey Reyes after qualifying exams

The 34th street wall, summer 2008.

Andrew passes qualifying exams. From left: Kim Sloman, Cara Phillips, Joey Reyes, Cristina Whitehouse, Amanda Bosch, Jolene Sy, and (the man himself) Andrew.

From left: Carole Van Camp, Kerri Berard, Tim, Cara Phillips, Amanda Bosch, Kim Sloman, Glenn Sloman, and Cristina Whitehouse at Kim’s defense celebration.

Multiple generations: John Borrero, Joel Ringdahl, Claire St. Peter Pipkin, Tim Vollmer, Elizabeth Athens, Stephen Walker, Joey Reyes

Tim and Amy Vollmer

Andrew Samaha presenting at FABA, 2006.

Two Gators kissing, Carrie S.W. Borrero and Albert

A toast to Dr. Athens.