Meeting Time and Rooms:

  • MWF 5 at MAT0018
  • Office Hours: MWF 4 or by appointment


    Professor Yunmei Chen
    486 Little Hall
    (352) 392-294-2298


    Prerequisite: MAP 2302 is required. It is also desirable to have a decent understanding of a Linear Algebra course.

Text Book:

    Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, the 7 th edition, Addison-Wesley/Pearson (Publisher), Nagle,Saff,Snider (required)

Goal and Description of the Course:

    This course is designed to serve students in engineering, physics, mathematics and related areas. We will cover much of Chapters 8, 9 and 10 of the textbook. This includes Series solutions, Matrix methods for systems and Elementary Partial Differential Equations (PDE) and eigenvalue problems. The goal is advancing the knowledge of DE and introducing some elementary concepts and methods of PDE.

  Arrangement of the course::

  • Unit 1: Series solutions of differential equations (Tentatively weeks 1-5, about two sections per week)
  • Unit 2: Matrix methods for linear system (Tentatively weeks 6-10, about two sections per week)
  • Unit 3: Partial differential equations (Tentatively weeks 11-16, about two sections per week)
  • Homework will be assigned regularly and discussed in class. You are expected to participate in classroom for the discussion of lectures, assigned reading and homework.

Tests and Grading:

There will be three exams. The first two tests have 33 points and the last test has 34 points. They are scheduled on February 15 (F), March 21 (F) and April 22 (W), respectively. No use of calculators, or books will be allowed during any in-class tests. NO MAKEUPS WITHOUT MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION.

Grades will then be assigned based upon the following scale: A: 90 or above; A-: 88-89; B+: 85-87; B: 80-84; B-: 78-79; C+: 75-77; C: 70-74; C-: 68-69; D+ : 65-67; D: 60-64; E: < 60.

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Class Attendance: “Requirements for class attendance and make-up exams, assignments, and other work in this course are consistent with university policies that can be found at:”
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: “Students with disabilities requesting accommodations should first register with the Disability Resource Center (352-392-8565, by providing appropriate documentation. Once registered, students will receive an accommodation letter which must be presented to the instructor when requesting accommodation. Students with disabilities should follow this procedure as early as possible in the semester.”
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