About this Project

About this Project

Currently all user sites are hosted at clas.ufl.edu/users and these sites range from very simple profile pages with course and contact information to more complex sites with many pages and custom designs. Personal web drives have to be mapped to machines in order to access files.

The main way to edit pages is using the free Kompozer web page editor or by paying for software such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

Maintaining these sites requires time and the cost of training, software, and support. CLAS has offered downloadable HTML templates, but static pages can’t provide newer dynamic features such as the ability to have a blog or integration with social media.

The easiest way to deploy those features is using a CMS like WordPress. See CLAS IT Web Services for more details



  • Give faculty and staff the ability to create sites using WordPress.
  • Allow users to choose the type of personal web space that fits their needs.
  • Move hosting user sites from clas.ufl.edu to people.clas.ufl.edu.


  • Reduce faculty and staff time spent maintaining web presence.
  • Reduce need for assistance from IT staff.
  • Improve and streamline the presentation of pages.

Project Status

In production. Interested CLAS users can request a site

Example Sites