Sites hosted at people.clas.ufl.edu are created by the faculty, staff, and graduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

For support or questions about a site, contact CLAS IT.


– UF templates are available in every site with different layout options..

Easy Editing
– Edit pages in your web browser. No software or web coding required.

Site Tools
– Upload documents, write blog posts, create photo galleries or embed video and audio,


Migrating Existing Sites

If you have a personal site hosted at clas.ufl.edu/users, here are the main differences between the new system and web space offered on I drives.

  • Update your site using any web browser. This includes Mac and Linux versions as well as those for most mobile devices.
  • Upload documents using the web interface. No need to connect to a network drive in order to access files or use file transfer programs.
  • Edit pages and content using the web editor visually or by entering HTML. This does not require purchasing or downloading web editing software.
  • Embed dynamic content and media in your pages without needing to add code. Insert video, audio, RSS feeds, interactive maps, Math formulas, and events using the built-in tools.

CLAS has staff available to help convert existing personal sites to the new system. Contact us by filing out the service request form.

Signing up for a Site

Interested CLAS users can request a site from CLAS IT.