image002Raymond Gay-Crosier

Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest/Research

Modern French Literature, Albert Camus, Critical Theory (esp. Irony)




  1. Education, Major Positions and  Activities

Born and raised in Switzerland,educated in Switzerland (Universities of Basel and Berne,doctorat ès lettres,1965) and France (Sorbonne), Raymond Gay-Crosier is a  specialist in modern French literature. He taught one year at Trent University (Peterborough,Ont.,Canada), before joining the University of Florida as an Associate  Professor in 1967and was promoted to Full Professor in 1973. After a ten-year  stint as Graduate Coordinator  of French (1970 to 1980), he was elected Chair  of the Department  of  Romance Languages & Literatures and later reelected  for three additional  terms (1981-1993).

Past  and current research and professional  service activities  include  the publication of books and articles on French  literature and other  topics (see below) and several editorial positions :  Principal co-editor of vols. I and II and editor-in-chief of  vols. III and IV of the Œuvres complètes by A. Camus (Paris, Gallimard, Pléiade), editor-in-chief of the  Camus series (1986-2010) published  by Lettres Modernes  (Paris), General Editor (1989-2000) of the «Ars Interpretandi» series published  by P. Lang (Munich / NewYork), and Assistant Editor oft the French  Review (1989-2010). He has been a member of the Executive Committee(1971-73,1974-81),  Vice President, and  President of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (1993-94), and  President of the Howe Society (University of Florida, 1994-96). He is also a co-founder (with Brian T. Fitch and Jacqueline Lévi-Valensi at the 1982 Camus Décade de Cerisy-la-Salle) and Past Vice President of the Société  des Études  Camusiennes / Camus  Studies Association, a worldwide scholarly  association. Beyond his work as convener, panelist and chair of sessions held at various national and international professional meetings (SAMLA, MLA,numerous  special topics conferences abroad), he has been the principal organizer of three  international symposia on Albert Camus, two having been held on the campus of  the University of Florida (1970, 1980), one  in Cerisy-la-Salle, France (1982).The proceedings of these conferences have been published  by CELEF, Sherbrooke (Canada), the University Presses of Florida, and Gallimard (Paris) respectively.

  1. Research Orientation

General research focus: 20th-century French literature, critical theory. Specific  research activities are three-fold: a) coordinating vols. I and II (published in April 2006), supervising corrigenda in the second print of vols. I and II, published in March 2007), and leading preparation of vols. III and IV (published in November 2008) of  the new  four-volume Pléiade edition of the complete works of Albert Camus ; b) an ongoing series of various commissioned articles, keynote presentations and book reviews; On the internet , he also maintained until Winter 2012 and regularly updated  a major scrollable research bibliography  on Albert Camus (1990-2012). See  Bibliog.htm . Currently he continues to coordinate the corrections for the periodic reprints of Camus’s Œuvres complètes (Paris, Gallimard, Pléiade series) and is preparing a special volume under the title L’Herne Camus to be published in 2013 .

  1. Summary of Publications

He is the sole author  of  five books (four on Albert Camus, one on the Provençal  Troubadours) and contributing editor of 16 volumes (mostly on Camus; published by Lettres Modernes, University of Florida Press, Gallimard). A more recent sole-authored book,entitled ALBERT CAMUS.  PARADIGMES DE L’IRONIE: RÉVOLTE ET NÉGATION AFFIRMATIVE, was published in January 2001 by the Éditions Paratexte in Toronto.  A later sole-authored book is a commissioned study on THE STRANGER , an extended Forschungsbericht which appeared in October of 2001 (Gale Research series of “Literary Masterpieces”no.8). Volume 22 of the long-standing Camus series has been published in 2010. Its main theme is “Camus et l’Histoire”. It features two main sections, one on the proceedings of an international conference on this topic held in February 2008 on the campus of the University of Florida, one on a series of general articles on the same subject.

Volumes I and II of the new Pléiade edition of Camus’s Œuvres complètes were published in April 2007, volumes III and IV in November 2008 (Paris, Gallimard). This authoritative edition of Camus’s complete works contains an extensive critical apparatus.

Of  the over one 120 articles in professional journals and chapters  in books that  are published, approximately 75 deal with Albert Camus. They appeared in, among  others, French  Review, Symposium , Zeitschrift für  französische  Sprache und Literatur, Revue des Lettres Modernes , Australian  Journal of French Studies, Europe, Orbis Litterarum, etc.The other articles deal  with  theory of irony, Louis-Sébastien Mercier, Stéphane  Mallarmé, André Gide, Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Butor, Alain Robbe-Grillet, and, especially, Claude Simon.They appeared in Culture, Études Littéraires,  Texte/Revue deThéorie et de Critique Littéraire, Romance Notes, Revue d’Histoire Littéraire  de la France, Études camusiennes, Revue des Sciences humaines, etc. Several essays  in English on professional  issues appeared in specialized journals or books.

  1. Awards and Honors

Recipient of various research and travel grants, a Professional Excellence Award (U. of Florida, 1996), member of the Chinard Prize Jury (Institut Français de Washington, 1981-1990) and the MLA William Riley Parker Prize Jury (1984-87), Chevalier (1987) and Officier (1993) des Palmes Académiques (French Government), Honorary Phi Kappa Phi member (1986-), President of the Howe Society (U.of Florida,1994-96), President of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (1993-94). For the academic year 2000-2001, he was awarded the Delton F.Scudder  Term Professorship. As of May 2003, he is Professor Emeritus.

  1. Guest Lectures, Visiting  Appointments, Consultancies

Since 1970, numerous invitations as keynote speaker or guest lecturer at seminars and national or international conferences. Recent appearances as keynote and invited speaker include : the Universität Zürich, Switzerland (March 2012), Dokkyo University, Tokyo (November 2010), Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers (France, November 2010), Florida State University (March 2010), New York University (April 2010), Royal Military College of Canada (May 2009); Centre de documentation A. Camus de la Bibliothèque Méjanes, contributing convener of a round table on the new Pléiade edition (January 2009), Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, invited conference speaker (November 2007); Université du Littoral, Dunkerque, France, invited conference speaker (May 2007); University of Wisconsin (keynote speaker at the 2006 international Camus conference); University of Ulster at Coleraine, N. Ireland (guest seminars, 2005); Harvard University Humanities Center (2004); Agora Seminar on “Camus in Brazil”, São Paulo (appearance sponsored by French government, 2003); Cornell University (Fall 2002); University of Ulster at Coleraine, N. Ireland (Fall 2002); University of  North Carolina / Greensboro  (Spring 2002); Mishkonot Center for Mediterranean Studies,Jerusalem(1997); short semester visiting appointment, Université de Picardie/ JulesVerne, Amiens (1996);  invited lectures/seminars at the Université de Beauvais (1996); Washington & Lee University (1996); Universities of Oslo  (Norway), Uppsala (Sweden),and Odense (Denmark) (1994), etc.;  six major  consultancies  (five as committee chair) for the Louisiana  Board of Regent  to select institutional  grants in the humanities for private and public universities  in  the state of  Louisiana (1991,1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006), consultant and chief consultant  for the  evaluation of several academic departments  on other campuses,etc.

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