Margaret Bradley

Research Professor

Contact Information


Mailing address:
Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention
University of Florida
PO Box 112766
Gainesville, FL 32611

Research Interests:

Research interests focus on studying the neural and physiological mechanisms involved in affective and attentional processing in people with and without diagnosable anxiety disorders. Drawing on an animal model of motivation, our lab is mapping the subcortical and cortical neural circuits involved in emotional perception and imagery. In addition to investigating neural processes using fMRI and dense-sensor EEG, we measure autonomic and somatic indices of affective and attentional mobilization, including cardiovascular, electrodermal, electromyographic, eye movement, and other physiological measures. How emotion and attention affect later memory performance, measured in both the brain and body, is another active research area.

  • Psychophysiological and neural mechanisms of emotion and attention.
  • Memory for emotional events

Measures: Event-related potentials, fMRI, skin conductance, heart rate, facial expression, eye movements, scanning, memory performance, reaction times, etc.