Dr. Darryl Chamberlain Jr.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Field: Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Research in undergraduate mathematics education is an interdisciplinary field that uses cognitive psychology, education, and advanced mathematical knowledge to investigate undergraduate teaching and learning. My specialties include:

  • Proof Comprehension and Validation
  • Cognitive Development of Precalculus Concepts (e.g., functions, limits, covariational reasoning)
  • Teaching and Learning with Technologies
  • Curriculum Development and Task Design
  • Educational Assessment Construction and Validation


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics, Georgia State University, 2017
  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, University of Florida, 2010

Contact Information

Email: dchamberlain31@ufl.edu
Office: LIT 437 Office Hours are held digitally. Times: TBD
Mailing address:

Department of Mathematics
University of Florida
368 Little Hall, PO Box 118105
Gainesville, FL 32611-8105

Undergraduate Research

I am currently accepting undergraduate students to conduct their own research project on how other students develop an understanding of a mathematical concept. Successful researchers will need to apply their mathematical knowledge and understanding of how people develop knowledge to complete the project. Students do not have to be a specific major to participate, though the most successful researchers will likely be:

  • Mathematics majors with an interest in teaching undergraduate mathematics.
  • Psychology majors focusing on Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience who are interested in mathematical understanding.
  • Education majors focusing on Adult/Post-Secondary Education who have successfully taken at least Calculus I (MAC 2311).

The research is unpaid with the potential for support on a later project. Every project will be structured such that you should finish with a first author publication after 1 year of work. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with research before pursuing graduate studies as it should end with at least one publication and a strong letter of recommendation. Interested students should email dchamberlain31@ufl.edu with the following information:

  1. Name, Major, Year of Study
  2. List of completed courses relevant to the project (e.g., MAC 2311, MAS 4301, EXP 3604, EDF 3210, EDF 4430).
  3. List of courses in-progress relevant to the project.
  4. Amount of time you would be able to spend on the project per week (1hr/week minimum).
  5. Attach a brief description of why you are interested in undergraduate mathematics education research (1-page max).
  6. Attach a brief description of your plans after completing your bachelors degree.