Select Courses taught at UF

Infant Development (DEP4115)

Infancy is the most rapid period of developmental change in one’s life. The course covers development from the prenatal period through three years of age, focusing on physical, cognitive, and social-emotional aspects of development. Goals of the course are to understand developmental norms, debates and issues in infancy research, and apply research finding to practical issues of infant development.

Developmental Psychology (DEP3053)

This course serves as a foundation for developmental psychology. The primary goals of the course are to introduce students to the nature of child development and to the scientific study of development. We cover the major domains of development—physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development—from the prenatal period through late adolescence / emerging adulthood.

Gene Environment Interaction in Development (DEP6059)

With the nature-nurture debate now obsolete, a major challenge is to identify how genes and the social environment interact to impact development and behavior. This course explores ways in which scientists are addressing this challenge by applying molecular and statistical genetic approaches to the study of development. During this seminar-format course, students engage in active participation and discussion. Part of the course features presentations by the instructor and outside experts via multimedia presentations. The remainder will center on student-led discussion. Issues surrounding development will be a focal point. Topics include brain, social, and cognitive development, neurodevelopmental disorders, psychopathology, and addiction.

Developmental Neurobiology of Stress (DEP6059)

Stress responses are involved in the etiology and the expression of many emotional and physical health conditions. Experiences early in life have especially long-term, programming effects on neurobiological stress systems. In this graduate seminar students learn the current state of knowledge regarding the developmental neurobiology of stress, the impact of early experiences, and the role of the stress system in typical behavior and health problems.