Welcome to Laroche Lab

Hello, my name is Dominique Laroche and I joined the department of physics at UF as an Assistant-Professor in January 2019.  I am also part of the internal committee overseeing the Microkelvin Laboratory.  My lab activities revolve around the design and fabrication of quantum-devices coupled at the nanoscale and in the study of the interactions that arise between such closely packed systems when cooled to cryogenic temperatures.  Here is my CV.


Current research avenues include :

  • Interactions in the 1D Luttinger liquid state : Measured through Coulomb drag

  • Majorana Bound States in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor devices : Characterization and new experimental platforms

  • Strongly correlated electron and/or hole bilayers : Exotic behavior arising in 1D or 2D geometries


For more information, please visit the research section or look at past publications.


  Openings :

We are always looking for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join our group!  There is currently funding available for both graduate and undergraduate positions.  Contact me at dlaroc10@ufl.edu or stop by my office for additional information.