Ph.D Algebra Study Guide

Welcome! While I am an analyst, a good friend of mine and old officemate was an incredible algebraist! His name is Joseph Ruffo (pictured below on the right.) He achieved an incredible feat: a high pass on every departmental exam he took here at the University of Florida. This includes every first year as well as his Ph.D exam. This stellar accomplishment was a direct result of his studious behavior, incredible mathematical competence, and his persevering attitude. Joey graduated in the May of 2017 and, while he will always be remembered as a fun, jovial officemate, he will continue to be a fantastic friend and confidant.

His algebraic aptitude led him to qualify in algebra. To prepare for this exam, he assembled an all-in-one study guide dubbed ‘The Guide To A High Pass’. In order to help future algebraists, it was his wish to keep his study guide free and accessible. This page is dedicated to hosting the study guide. Joey took the 6000 Algebra sequence with Dr. Turull and hopes the guide can help any and all who choose to use it!

The Guide To A High Pass: A Ph.D Algebra Study Guide by Joseph Ruffo