Over the past several years, I have been gathering research which has become part of a major single-author book, which will serve to compare and contrast the speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy) written in the two most populous and influential countries of Latin America: Brazil and Mexico. I focus the three central chapters of the study on what I consider to be one of the most interesting and evocative aspects of the field, i.e., the ways in which Brazilian and Mexican SF conceptualize the human body in speculative or futuristic contexts: first, through transformations and manifestations of gender, second, through the amalgamation of the body with mechanical and electronic devices, resulting in the creation of posthumans and cyborgs and third, through the manifestations of the undead, i.e., the portrayal of zombie and vampires. I have been able to complete the introduction and conclusion, along with the three major chapters of the book of each of these manifestations of the body. The manuscript is currently under consideration by a university press.