Logic Seminar

The logic seminar meets roughly weekly during the fall and spring semesters. Our usual meeting time is 4:05pm on Tuesdays, in LIT 368, unless otherwise announced.


For current speakers and dates, [click here].

Past speakers:

Fall 2019
  • August 27th: Jindrich Zapletal (UF) Descriptive graph theory.
  • September 5th: Dana Bartosova (UF) Phase spaces of universal minimal dynamical systems of discrete groups and beyond.
  • September 10th: Doug Cenzer (UF) Computation using the Gray code.
  • September 24th: Ethan McCarthy (UF) Point-Turing degree spectra.
  • October 1st: Thomas Winckler (UF) Using a weak axiom of choice to prove a theorem in real analysis.
  • October 15th: John Hester (UF) Combining formal systems for automated theorem proving.
  • October 22nd: Yuxin Zhou (UF) (ZF+DC) Existence of the Hamel Basis implies ω Γ-coloring.
  • November 5th: Jack H. Lutz (Iowa State) Passing Hilbert’s Final Test.
  • November 19th: Doug Cenzer (UF) The Rate of Randomness Extraction via Turing Functionals.
  • December 3rd: Lauren Wickman (UF) Using Model Theory to Compute the Universal Minimal Flows of Certain Automorphism Groups.

Spring 2019
  • January 8th: Paul Larson (Miami) Universally measurable sets.
  • January 31st: Dana Bartosova (UF) Projective Fraïssé limits.
  • February 5th & 12th: Yuxin Zhou (UF) The pseudoarc and projective Fraïssé limits (parts 1 & 2).
  • February 19th: Natasha Dobrinen (DU) Ramsey theory on the Henson graphs.
  • February 26th: Ethan McCarthy (UF) Strict Demuth randomness and jump domination.
  • March 12th: Dana Bartosova (UF) Ramsey properties for Boolean algebras with ideals.
  • March 19th: Jindrich Zapletal (UF) Transcendence bases and the axiom of choice.
  • April 2nd: Doug Cenzer (UF) Generically computable equivalence structures and isomorphisms.
  • April 15th: Ethan McCarthy (UF) The point-wise complexity of the derivative of a real-valued function.
  • April 23rd: John Hester (UF) Formalizing Metatheorems.

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