Dr. Jeffrey Farrar


Contact Information

Email: farrar@ufl.edu
Phone: (352) 273-2140
Office: 086 Psychology Building

Mailing address:
Department of Psychology
University of Florida
PO Box 112250
Gainesville, FL 32611

Brief Biography

Jeffrey Farrar, PhD is director of the language and cognitive development lab at the University of Florida. Broadly, his research examines the relation between language and cognition development. His current research explores the linguistic influences on theory of mind development (ToM). A critical achievement in ToM is the development of false belief understanding–knowing that others can have beliefs that differ from the child, such as the content of a closed box. We examine the role of different aspects of language (grammar, general language, mental state talk) in its development. Several different populations are used to explore these issues, typical preschoolers, those who are bilingual or speak a different language (Korean, Mandarin), children with various developmental disorders (specific language impairment, autism). He received his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and PhD from Emory University’s program in Cognition and Development. He then completed a 2-year NIMH postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Denver.