Hendrik J. Monkhorst


Professor Emeritus of Physics and Chemistry

Member of the Quantum Theory Project

Areas of Interest/Research

  • Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor for Green Nuclear Power. A novel fusion reactor concept based on a cylindrically shaped plasma inside of which are a fast proton beam and a slow boron-11 beam with their relative velocity  tuned to a nuclear resonance, producing three helium-4 nuclei and a lot of energy. Click on link for pictures, text and more links.
  • Polymer Superconductivity. A joint  experimental/theoretical search for the proper electronic and structural  conditions of conductive polymers for superconductivity likely to occur; development of the many-body tools in order to  quantify the (super) conductive states.
  • Non-adiabatic Molecular Physics  & Molecular Coupled Cluster Method. Further development and implementation of the Molecular Coupled-Cluster method; chemical physics without the Born Oppenheimer approximation. Time-dependent formulation for scattering and half-collisions (many-body wavepacket dynamics).
  • Electrons in Extended Systems. Ab Initio Electronic Band Calculations Starting from accurate Hartree wavefunctions and energies, and including exchange and RPA-level correlation with Green’s function techniques. Extensive use of momentum and Fourier transform methods deal with conditional convergence problems and the Hartree Fock pathologies.

Contact Information

Email: henk@ufl.edu
Phone: (352) 392-6975
Office: 2320 NPB

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