MAC 2311 – Calculus 1 (past course)

Time and Location, Summer 2017

MTRF Period 2...LIT 201...Latham
MTRF Period 3...LIT 201...Adamski 
MTRF Period 3...LIT 203...Milicevic
MTRF Period 4...LIT 201...Horton
MTRF Period 5...LIT 125...Wijesooriya

Course Guide (updated on 5/3/17) 


Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th edition, by Stewart

A hard copy of the textbook and solutions manual are NOT required.  An access to WebAssign for e-book and online homework is required.  

There are three ways to purchase the text and WebAssign access code.

  • You have the choice to “Opt-In” to WebAssign access and the e-book through CANVAS once classes begin for a reduced price of $62.50 and pay for these materials through your student account.  The opt-in option is the most effective one if you are planning to take only MAC2311.
  • Students who do not “opt-in” will be able to purchase a standalone WebAssign access code through the UF Bookstore (or the WebAssign website directly) for $96.  This is not the best option as the price is significantly higher than the “opt-in” price.
  • Students who plan to take three semesters of Calculus: MAC2311, MAC2312, and MAC2313 can purchase a multi-term access online via WebAssign (after the student logs in) for $125 and that includes the e-book.

An online purchase at WebAssign should only be considered for those students who need multi-term.

e-Leaning, Canvas

All  course information including announcements, lecture notes, and exam information are posted on e-Learning, Canvas.  Use your Gatorlink username and password to log in.