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Jeremy Lichstein – Associate Professor

I am interested in the ecology of communities and ecosystems, particularly forests. Specific interests include species coexistence mechanisms, the carbon cycle, and the response of forests to global change. My research involves field campaigns, analyzing data from large observational networks, and mathematical and computer simulation modeling. I have worked in tropical, temperate, and boreal ecosystems. Several ongoing research projects are described here. Opportunities to join the lab are described here. Download CV. E-mail

Justin Gearhart – MS Student

Having always been interested in weather, witnessing various stages of drought in Tampa, and having experiences with various projects involving forests, my primary goal is to study forest ecosystems and drought responses. I am also interested in learning more about how management of forests impacts the ecology of the land. E-mail

Tongyi Huang – PhD Student

I am interested in the role of forest dynamics in biogeochemical cycles of different ecosystems. My research is driven by an aspiration to understand the mechanisms controlling terrestrial ecosystem dynamics and to improve our predictive capacity at regional and global scales. E-mail

John Park – PhD Student

My research interests are to understand and predict complex ecosystem processes. I am specifically interested in how forest ecosystem production and community dynamics respond to different abiotic factors, such as climate variation. To address these questions, I use statistical and mathematical models, as well as engineering methods to analyze large-scale data and to improve ecosystem models. Currently, my research is focused on understanding mechanisms that determine the timing (phenology) of spring leaf-on and autumn leaf-fall in forested ecosystems. In particular, I am seeking to improve our understanding of intraspecific, interspecific, and inter-annual variation in leaf phenology. A long-term goal of this research is to improve dynamic global vegetation models (DVGMs) that are used to study interactions between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere. By more realistically describing vegetation dynamics at individual and community levels, DGVMs may lead to more accurate predictions of Earth’s future climate. E-mail

Seth Robinson – PhD Student

I am interested in how ecosystem and community processes are influenced by natural and anthropogenic factors. Particular areas of interest include forest and wetland dynamics, and ways in which succession and life cycles are altered by changes in nutrient cycling and other disturbances. My previous research has involved nutrient uptake in wetland plants, effects of invasive plants on native fauna, and soil metal enrichment from energy production. E-mail

Elizabeth Webb – PhD Student

My research interests center on understanding anthropogenic influence on Arctic ecosystems and the feedback of these impacts to global climate change. Using a combination of field data, modeling, and remote sensing analysis, I study landscape-level changes happening at high latitudes. For my PhD, I am looking at (1) changes in pan-arctic albedo over recent decades in relation to vegetation change and disturbance regimes, and (2) understanding abiotic and biotic controls of post-fire larch (Larix) recruitment in Siberia​. E-mail


  • Katherine Legros, 2016
  • Zoey Li, 2014-15
  • Brandon Peterson, 2013-16
  • Brendan Regnery, 2014-15
  • Sarah Sharkey, 2016-17
  • Alyssa Towns, 2016-17

Former Lab Members

  • Trevor Caughlin – Postdoctoral Researcher, 2013. Currently Assistant Professor, Boise State University.
  • Cynthia Chang – Postdoctoral Researcher, 2011-12. Currently Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Bothell.
  • Masatoshi Katabuchi – Postdoctoral Researcher, 2014-16. Currently Postdoctoral Researcher, Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University.
  • Jessica Langebrake – Postdoctoral Researcher, 2013-14.
  • Jeanne Osnas – Postdoctoral Researcher, 2013. Currently Research Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center.
  • Mark Vanderwel – Postdoctoral Researcher, 2013-14. Currently Assistant Professor, University of Regina.
  • Tao Zhang – Postdoctoral Researcher, 2011-18. Currently Research Scientist, University of Minnesota.