Research Projects

I currently have a number of projects that naturally fall into the following areas:

Theoretical and Statistical Ecology

  1. The loss of history and the strength of density-dependence: A close look to the dynamics of ecological change points (with Mark Taper and Brian Dennis).
  2. Autocorrelated Environmental noise and its effects in population dynamics (with Jake Ferguson, PhD student in the lab).
  3. Estimation, variance scaling and decomposition of Environmental noise, Demographic stochasticity and Individual heterogeneity in population dynamics (with Jake Ferguson, PhD student in the lab).
  4. Modeling the evolution of stability and assessing the risk of critical transitions  in microbial communities using multivariate stochastic processes (with Larry Forney at University of Idaho and Jacques Ravel, in Maryland).
  5. Evidence, Errors and AIC (with Brian Dennis at University of Idaho and Mark Taper at Montana State University)
  6. Density dependent models of population abundance with unequal time intervals (with Brian Dennis at University of Idaho)
  7. Quantitative traits, sociality and perceived predation risk in an Amazonian understory bird community (with Ari Martinez, J.P. Gomez and Scott Robinson here at UF).


  1. Assessing parameter identifiability in Phylogenetic models, with Gordon Burleigh and Ed Braun, both colleagues here at University of Florida, Mark Taper from Montana State and Julie Allen)
  2. Stochastic models of joint changes of chromosome number and of binary characters in plants (with Rosana Zenil, PhD student in the lab and Gordon Burleigh)
  3. Random epochs of speciation, extinction and the evolution of quantitative characters

Population Genetics and Evolutionary Ecology

  1. Understanding sex ratio bias in mosses using stochastic population genetic models, Hamilton’s Local Mate Competition ideas and the concept of inclusive fitness (with Stuart McDaniel, colleague at UF).
  2.  Modeling the evolution of antibiotic resistance in Biofilms (with Luke Harmon and Larry Forney, both at University of Idaho) with stochastic population genetic models.
  3. Modeling the evolution of antibiotic resistance in plasmid-free, plasmid-carrying bacteria systems, with Eva M. Top, at University of Idaho

Epidemiological Modeling

  1. Demographic stochasticity, Environmental variability and the risk of disease persistence. With Marcos Capistrán, at the Center for Research in Mathematics in Guanajuato, México.
  2. Modeling anthrax spatio-temporal dynamics, with Jason Blackburn (Geography, UF).
  3. Modeling and testing the effects of Phosphorus availability to the evolvability of the population dynamics of dengue virus (with Gaby Blohm, PhD student in the lab).

Conservation Biology and state-space models in Fisheries

  1. Population Viability Monitoring:  assessing the trends in the probability of persistence using time series data and models, with applications to the Bull Trout population in the Flathead region in Montana.
  2. Parameter identifiability, stochastic population dynamics models, animal movement and informing managing practices  for pelagic species in the Southern Atlantic pelagic Fisheries:  Blue sharks as a study case (with Felipe Carvalho, PhD student adopted from Fisheries, working in my lab).
  3. Apparent survival estimation with continuous capture data (with Andrew Barbour, also a PhD student  from Fisheries).