CLA 3930: Classics and Fantasy

CLA 3930: Classics and Fantasy (3 credits)             Fall 2013, T 8-10 FLG 230

Professor Jennifer Rea                                                          E-Mail:

Office: 142 Dauer/392-2075              Office Hours: T 1:55-2:45 & R 9:35-10:25 & by appt.

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to explain the influence of classical literature on the fantasy genre and also to study the origins of fantasy in Greek and Roman literature and Greek mythology.

Students will learn to:

ü Define the genre of fantasy

üAssess the thematic connections between Greco-Roman literature and modern fantasy

üCritically evaluate the relationship between the ancients’ hopes and fears for the future and our

modern societal concerns

üGain an appreciation for the influence of Greco-Roman literature of on our modern understanding

of civilization and progress


Required Texts:

The required Greek and Roman texts are available in English at The Perseus Project (

The following texts are also required and are available for purchase at the UF Bookstore:

Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin

Hunted by James Alan Gardner

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


Course Website (on CANVAS):

The e-learning support services homepage contains the canvas system entry link. The course site provides more detailed information on the assigned readings, announcements, and access to reading guides and power points. You may also check your course grade on CANVAS.


Classroom Policy:

Laptops and other mobile electronic devices are permitted in the classroom only for the purpose of note-taking. All other uses of mobile phones, electronic devices and computers is prohibited during class and students who violate this policy will immediately be dismissed from the class. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and students will have one full percentage point deducted from their final grade each time they are dismissed from class.

Late Assignments: You will be allowed to hand in or make up work late only for excused absences, such as required student participation in a university-sponsored event (you must submit official documentation to the professor from the appropriate faculty or staff member before the event); religious holidays (notify the professor within the first two weeks of class); medical emergencies (with documentation from a health care provider); family emergencies (with valid written documentation).  You must notify me within 24 hours of a missed exam in order to arrange a makeup. Regarding medical and family emergencies, it is your responsibility to notify me as soon as possible that you will need accommodations. Students with a valid excuse have one week after a missed assignment (or one week after recovering from an illness) tom make up the missed work. There are no makeups on minute papers.

Course Grading: Your final grade will be based on how well you do on three equally weighted exams which will each be worth 1/3 of your final grade. In addition, during the course of the semester you will be given two opportunities to participate in an extra credit “minute paper” where you will write an answer to a question based on the day’s lecture and each essay you complete will have the ability to raise your final grade one full point. You must be present to participate and hand in your essay at the end of the class period. Regular attendance and active participation in class discussion is expected. You should therefore plan to be present every week and be prepared to discuss the assigned readings. It is extremely difficult to be involved in the learning process unless you participate fully in class activities. Thus, your participation in class discussion is especially critical. You cannot make an effective contribution to the class if you come to class unprepared, are chronically late, or fail to attend class.

Grading Scale:

A    =  90 or above                     A-   =  87-89                             A-   =  87-89                B+  =  84-86

B    =  80-83                               B-   =  77-79                            C    =  70-73                 C+  =  74-76

C-   =  67-69                              D+  =  64-66                             D    =  60-63              D-   =  57-59

E    =  56 or below


Grading Scale with GPA Equivalencies

A      =     4.0
A-     =     3.67
B+    =     3.33
B      =     3.0

B-     =     2.67
C+    =     2.33
C      =     2.0
C-     =     1.67
D+    =     1.33
D      =     1.0
D-     =     0.67
E      =     0.0

  • A C- grade will not qualify for major, minor, Gen Ed, Gordon Rule or College Basic Distribution credit.  UF does not consider C- to be a passing grade.

This course is in compliance with all UF policies regarding attendance, special needs and academic honesty. For details, see (attendance); (special needs); (academic honesty).

ADA Requirements:

If you have any disability or special concern, it is your responsibility to notify me at the start of the semester so that your needs may be accommodated.  You will also need to give me a letter from the Dean of Students Office indicating that you need academic accommodations.

Counseling and Mental Health Services at UF:

  • Students who have difficulty completing the course or who have need of counseling should contact the UF Counseling and Wellness Center at (352) 392-1575 or

Course Evaluations:

Students will be expected to provide feedback on the quality of instruction in this course based on 10 criteria. These evaluations are conducted online and students will be given specific instructions as to when the online link will be available. Generally the evaluations are offered online during the last 2-3 weeks of the semester.


August 25 Course Introduction/What is Fantasy?

Readings: Plato & Aristotle (look in the Lessons Section of CANVAS for readings)

September 1 Fantasy in Antiquity & Modern Reinventions

Readings: Homer

Viewings: The Forbidden Planet

September 8

Readings: Lucian and ?? (text selection by Harpold) (look in the Lessons Section of CANVAS for readings)

Guest Lecture: Dr. Terry Harpold

September 15 Vergil and Fantasy (look in the Lessons Section of CANVAS for readings)

Vergil Aeneid 1-2

(with BG viewing)

September 22

Vergil Aeneid 3-4 (look in the Lessons Section of CANVAS for readings)

Viewing: TBA

September 29

Exam I

October 6

Vergil Aeneid 5-8 (look in the Lessons Section of CANVAS for readings)

(with BtVS viewing)

October 13 Fantasy and the “Stream”

Aeneid 9-10

Guest Lecture: Dr. Libby Ginway

October 20

Aeneid 11-12

Guest Lecture: Dr. Stephanie Smith

October 27

Lavinia Part I

viewing: TBA

November 3

Lavinia, Part II

Viewing: TBA

November 10

Exam II

November 17

Reading: Hunted and Thucydides (selection from Perseus)

viewing: TBA

November 24

Reading: The Hunger Games

December 1

Viewing: The Hunger Games

December 8

Exam III

COURSE TA:                                                             COURSE TA:

Sara Agnelli                           Jared Gaum

Office: Rolfs 207                                                         Office Hours in Library West, Mondays through

Office Phone:  392- 2075                                            Thursdays, 5th Period

Office Hours: MW 12:45-2:00