Fall 2019: MAC 1140 Discussions

Time and Location

Section: 17575
R6 LIT 205

Section: 17638
R7 RNK 106

Section: 17609
R9 MAT 113

Office Hours

T4 (10:40AM – 11:10AM) LIT 413

T5 (11:45AM – 12:35PM) LIT 215

R5 (11:45AM – 12:35PM) LIT 413

If you are not able to attend any of the office hours above please email me to setup an appointment.


Exam Date Content
Exam 1 TBD Xronos
Exam 2 TBD Xronos
Exam 3 TBD Xronos
Final December 7th Cumulative

Grading Scheme

Assignment  Point Value Total Points
Xronos 50 50
Participation 40 40
Quizzes (10 of 13) 6 60
Model Project 50 50
Exams (3) 50 150
Final Exam 100 100
Total Points 450

Grading Scale

Grade Point Range Grade Point Range
A   405 – 450 C   315 – 329
A – 390 – 404 C – 300 – 314
B + 375 – 389 D + 285 – 299
B    360 – 374 D    270 – 284
B –  345 – 359 D –  255 – 269
C +  330 – 344 E     0 – 254


Every discussion section has a quiz every week, thus it will act as the method of tracking weekly attendance. In addition, even though you do have a few drops for quizzes you still need to come to your discussion period and take the quizzes for attendance and participation points.

Make Up Policy

• Xronos: There are no make-ups for Xronos.

• Class Participation: There are no make-ups for class participation.

• Discussion Quizzes: Due to the extra quizzes, there are no makeups for discussion quizzes.

• Exams: In order to get a makeup exam you must have a documented (and valid) reason to miss the exam. Otherwise you must rely on the half-final-grade option. Only one makeup will be offered, and it will be held at the end of the semester. Since there is only one makeup time, you may only make up at most one exam.


The final exam will be on Saturday, December 7th, form 7:30AM to 9:30AM. Since the final will be cumulative, Dr. Nowell will replace your lowest exam score with half the grade of the final (only if it helps). Notice that the final is worth twice the amount of a standard exam, thus half the final grade will be equivalent to a single exam.


One Week Policy:
Once you receive a graded paper back, you have one week to contest the grade and initiate any grade disputes. Once this one week passes, there are no further disputes.