Course 1 (Fall 2017) MAP6356 Partial Differential Equations 1 /Section 1762

Time and Location

M W F3 (9:35-10:25am), Little 221

Office Hour: MHF 12:45-2pm.

Description and Goals

Credits: 3;  Real Analysis
This course intends to teach some fundamental subjects of partial differential equations, based on the textbook of Evans. Topics include representation formula for four types of PDEs, Sobolev Spaces and some nonlinear first order equations.


Partial Differential Equations, L.C.Evans, Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol.19, AMS


Homework will be assigned after each lecture. I will collect the homework from time to time.

Course schedule:

Chapter 2:  Four important linear PDE

Chapter 5: Sobolev Spaces

Chapter 3: Nonlinear First Order PDE

Final Grades

Exam one (mid-term) Oct 2 (25%)

Exam two (mid-term)  Nov 13 (25%)

Homework –15%

Final exam December 13 (Wed) 3-5pm- (35%)

Grading Scale

A: 85+ or above; B+: 75-84; B: 70-74; C+: 65-69; C: 60-64; D: 50-59; E: 0-49.

Attendance and Late Policy

ABSOLUTELY NO MAKEUPS WITHOUT MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION. Requirements for class attendance and make-up exams, assignments, and other work in this course are consistent with university policies that can be found at :

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Information on course evaluation

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