Curriculum Vitae


Education: 1971 -B.S., St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York.

Graduated Cum Laude with Highest Honors in Geology.

1974 -Masters of Philosophy, Columbia University, NY

Marine Geology: Advisor, Bruce Heezen

1977 -Ph.D., Columbia University, New York, New York.

Geochemistry: Advisors R. Kay and W.I. Ridley


Faculty Fellow at Columbia University, 1971-1977.

Research Fellow, Research School of Earth Sciences, the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, July 1977-July 1982.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geology, University of Florida, Gainesville, August 1982-July 1985.

Visiting Research Scientist, Cornell University, Summer 1985.

Associate Professor, Dept of Geology, University of Florida, Gainesville, 1985- 1991.

Visiting Fellow, Department of Geology, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, and Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University, 1990.

Professor and Graduate Advisor, University of Florida, Gainesville, August 1991-2001.

Collaborative Research Scientist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, 2001

Visiting Professor, Institut du Physique du Globe, Paris, Spring 2002

Professor and Chair, University of Florida, Gainesville, July 2007 – present.


Outstanding Teacher Award – April 1986, UF College of Liberal Arts and Science

Teacher of the Year – Semifinalist – 1989, UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Excellence in Undergraduate Education Award – UF, CLAS, April 1989

Teaching Improvement Award, University of Florida – 1995

Professional Excellence Program Award, University of Florida – 1998

Flint Term Professor, UF 1999-2001

Fellow of the Geological Society of America – 2008


(1992- present)

National and International

Member: Geological Society of America; American Geophysical Union; Geochemical Society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon.

Blue Ribbon Panel Member to review the National Undersea Research Program (1995)

Chair, Deep Submergence Science Committee (DESSC) (1994-1999)

Member, Partners for Education Program (PEP), Geological Soc. America

Geology Advisor and Book Reviewer, Plenum Publishers (1992-1999)

Associate Editor of Reviews of Geophysics (1993-2000)

Symposium Chair- IUGG Meeting (Submarine Volcanism-July 1995)

RIDGE Observatory Experiment participant (1993)

RIDGE RISES Planning Meeting section chair (1994)

Editorial advisor for the BBC (UK) and University Science Books (1995)

Special Emphasis Panel in Geosciences, US Science Support Program for ODP (1996)

RIDGE, Event Detection and Response; panel leader (1997)

DESCEND, Deep Submergence Workshop; Group Leader (1999)

Deep Submergence Science Committee (DESSC),Chair, (1995-1999)

University National Oceanographic Laboratory System Council member (1995-1999)

RIDGE 2000 Steering Committee Member, and Executive Committee (2002-2007)

Chair of Education and Outreach Advisory Committee – RIDGE 2000 (2004-2007).

Distinguished Lecturer: RIDGE2000 NSF Program (2006-2007)

AGU Publications Advisory Committee for G-cubed (2005 – present)

University of Florida

Department Chair (2007 – present)

Graduate Coordinator (1991 -2001)

Geology Dept. Executive Committee (1995-2004)

UF Field Camp Committee (1982- 1996)

Honors Faculty (1987-present)

UF Faculty Senator (1992-1994)

Chair Curriculum Committee (1993-1996)

Fellowship Task Force, ORTGE (1996)

Graduate Student Travel selection committee (1997)

CLAS TIP Committee 1996-97

Member, CLAS Search Committee for Associate Dean (1998)

CLAS Dissertation Fellowship Committee (1996-98)

CLAS Graduate Committee (1997-2000)

Geological Society of America campus representative (1983-2004).

Campus Representative, Student Conservation Society (1983-2005).

Alachua County School Volunteer (1984-present).

Alachua County Science Fair Judge

UF, Graduate Council Member (1997- 2000)

Anderson/CLAS Scholar Faculty Honoree; (Fall 2000)

University Scholars Program, Mentor (1998-2001)


Courses Taught: Introductory Geology, Honors Physical Geology, Oceanography, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Silicate Mineralogy, Advanced Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology*, Advanced Igneous Geochemistry*, Marine Geology, Special Topics in Tectonics and Geochemistry*, Geochemistry Seminar, Analytical Methods*, Summer Field Camp. *New classes developed

Thesis Advisor: 7 PhD, 15 MS, 4 MST,; 10 undergraduate honors theses

Current, 2 PhD, 1 MS


Co-PI and dive participant on RV Atlantis II and ALVIN on the East Pacific Rise Adventure Cruise AII 131 (March-April 1994)

Co-PI and dive participant on RV Atlantis II and ALVIN on the Juan de Fuca Ridge (June – July, 1994)

Co-PI HYDROTRACE Expedition, RV SONNE; German-Canadian -US cooperative program on the Juan de Fuca Ridge and Axial Seamount (July 1996)

Co-PI EDISON II Expedition, RV SONNE Multinational Cooperative Program in Papua New Guinea, (July 1998).

Co-PI, RV T Thompson, NeMO ’99 cruise – Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge (June 1999).

Cooperative Research with University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Franklin and Marshall College; Mapping on Unalaska Is. AK (July 1999)

Co-Chief Scientist RV Melville; AHA-Nemo2 Expedition – Central East Pacific Rise and Galapagos Spreading Center, March-April 2000.

Co-Chief Scientist (D. Stakes, Chief Sci). Western Flyer (WF007)/Tiburon) S. Cleft, Juan de Fuca Ridge, (July, 2000).

Co- Chief Scientist (D. Stakes, Chief Sci). Western Flyer (WF2480)/Tiburon), S. Cleft, Juan de Fuca Ridge, (July, 2002).

Co- Chief Scientist (D. Clague, Chief Sci). Western Flyer Vance and Axial Seamounts, Juan de Fuca Ridge, (July, 2005).

Science Party – RV Atlantis –ALVIN, East Pacific Rise (June 2006) RESET06 RIDGE Response Cruise

Co-Chief Scientist East Pacific Rise, 9° 03’N Overlapping Spreading Center (MEDUSA) cruise; RV Atlantis – Jason 2, (March- April 2007).