Current Semester

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

Lower-level: (1) Introduction to Buddhism; (2) Chinese Civilization

Upper-level: (1) Chinese Religions; (2) Chinese Buddhism; (3) Junior Seminar (Religious Studies Method and Theory); (4) Buddhist Meditation; (5) Buddhist Texts; (6) Buddhism: Traditions and Transformations; (7) Buddhism and Film 

Mixed Undergraduate/Graduate Seminars

(1) Chan/Zen Buddhism; (2) American Buddhism (Buddhism in America); (3) Chinese Classics: Daoist, Confucian, and Buddhist; (4) Religion and Social Change in Modern China and Japan

Graduate Seminars

(1) Buddhist Traditions; (2) Religious Studies Method & Theory I; (3) Interpreting Asian Religions; (4) Topics in East Asian Buddhism; (5) Topics in Religious Studies