Nicholas A. Rudnik

Ph.D. Student

Areas of Interest/Research

Southern politics (the realignment of the postwar south, the black belt, racial politics, and cleavage management); legislative politics (institutions, behavior, and budgeting); and methods (quantitative).


Nicholas A. Rudnik is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida.  His research interests include American politics and quantitative methodology.  Nick’s research has appeared in Questions in Politics and California Journal of Politics and Policy.  You can follow Nick on Twitter at @NickRudnik.

Nick’s research is at the intersection of the American South and its postwar realignment, the significance of race and class in this midcentury realignment, and the development of democratic institutions in the “newest south” at the end of the realignment (1995-present).

In addition to his academic work, Nick currently serves as an editorial assistant for Perspectives on Politics, a flagship journal of the American Political Science Association that “seeks to provide a space for broad and synthetic discussion within the political science profession and between the profession and the broader scholarly and reading publics.”  He serves in this capacity under editor Michael Berhnard and associate editor Daniel I. O’Neill, both of the University of Florida.

Aside from his academic interests and research, Nick enjoys a number of hobbies, including long-distance running, biking, scripophily, and reading (non-political science texts, of course, in his spare time).


Ph.D., Political Science, University of Florida—Gainesville, FL, Ongoing
Primary Concentration: American politics
Secondary Concentration: Political methodology
Advisor: Daniel A. Smith, Ph.D.

B.A., Political Science, Valdosta State University—Valdosta, GA
Minor: Religious Studies
Senior Thesis: “Supreme Court Legitimation of Elite-Business Preferences: 1953-Present.”
Committee: Marc G. Pufong, Ph.D. (Chair, Political Science), and Carl Hand, Ph.D. (Sociology)

Contact Information

Phone: (352) 273-2394
Office:  321 Anderson Hall

Office Hours, Summer 2017: by appointment.

Mailing address:
Department of Political Science
University of Florida
321 Anderson Hall
PO Box 117325
Gainesville, FL