Join the Lab

Graduate Students

Dr. Gravina’s lab offers many opportunities for graduate students to develop their research and applied skills in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM).  For example, students work in hospital, manufacturing, and other settings to gain experience and conduct applied research.  Because Dr. Gravina has extensive OBM consulting experience, she is able to support students in finding applied experiences and achieving successful outcomes.  She is committed to growing students as leaders, effective communicators, scientists, and researchers.

A PhD is a research degree and therefore, students interested in applying to the graduate program should expect to spend significant time on research activities.  Our ample lab space offers a suite of rooms for conducting analog studies. Students are provided space within the lab or in shared offices to work on campus.  Dr. Gravina supports her graduate students in developing a research program that fits their interests within OBM and behavior analysis.  The students in the lab are collegial and collaboration is emphasized.

The University of Florida offers a competitive funding package for graduate students.  All students receive 5 years of funding as a teaching assistant with full tuition support.  There are additional funding opportunities available to select students including fellowships and the Grinter Award.

Dr. Gravina typically accepts one new graduate student each academic year.  If you are interested in applying, please email a brief introduction and a CV and she will look for your application.  At this time, she does not accept meetings or interviews with prospective graduate students until applications have been reviewed.

Undergraduate Students

Our lab accepts undergraduate students as research assistants at the start of each semester.  Undergraduate students perform a number of activities including running research participants, data collection, coding articles, conducting literature reviews, and more.  In addition, students should plan to attend a weekly lab meeting run by graduate students that will include professional development activities such as learning to graph, create data sheets, and presenting on research articles.  Contact Dr. Gravina if you are interested in joining the lab.