James Eldred Pascoe

Assistant Professor


Functional Analysis, matrix inequalities, moment problems, several complex variables, noncommutative function theory, multivariable operator theory, real algebraic geometry, and free probability.


University of California, San Diego, PhD, Mathematics 2015
University of California, San Diego, MA, Applied Mathematics 2011
University of North Texas, Denton, BS, Mathematics 2010

Contact Information

Email: pascoej@ufl.edu

Office Hours: 5 MWF

Selected Works

[1]  Kelly Bickel, J. E. Pascoe, Alan Sola. Derivatives of rational inner functions: geometry of singularities and integrability at the boundary. Proc. Lond. Math. Soc. , 116 (2) 281-329 (2018).

[2] John E. McCarthy, J. E. Pascoe. A non-commutative Julia Inequality. Mathematische Annalen. , 370 (1-2) 423-446, 2018.

[3] J. E. Pascoe, Ryan Tully-Doyle. Free Pick functions: representations, asymptotic behavior and matrix monotonicity in several noncommuting variables. Journal of Functional Analysis, 273 (1) 283-328 (2017)