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Laboratory in Biological Sciences, University of Florida 2013–2015 [online]:

In this one credit laboratory for non-majors, students are introduced to the principles of biological organization and function, evolution, ecology, anatomy and physiology. This is a hands-on laboratory, yet it is online. Hence, students use the best available tools both online and offline through an interactive approach. For instance, some activities are completely online, whereas others will require for the student to do a laboratory procedure from home, and to collect date from their backyards. The design and teaching of this course is grounded in the theoretical framework of Community of Inquiry. Accordingly, it extensively uses connection and collaboration. This is why in addition to the different activities, students extensively collaborate with their peers via discussion boards, or videoconferences.

Example of a lab activity: DNA extraction from home

Introduction to the Paleontology of Panama, University of Panama 2012 [blended]:

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This course introduced the most important concepts of paleontology for students to understand the ancient biodiversity of Panama. This design of this course was grounded in the Community of Inquiry theory and was taught both online and face-to-face. The course had four main components: classroom, online, field and research. Students used innovative technologies that enhance learning (e.g. videoconferences, wikis, blogs, etc.), were engaged in field activities, and developed a research project. For the last part of the course, we simulated the process of publishing a collaborative paper in a peer-review journal and presenting it in a professional conference.


  • Students

Sara Vasquez (undergrad) 

U Panama
Her story here; our paper here
Monica Shippritt (undergrad)

U Panama
Her story hereour paper here
Juan Camilo Rojas (undergrad)

His story here

Julia Joos (masters)
Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin
Our poster here

Victor Perez (PhD)
Florida Museum of Natural History
Our paper here

Kim Lang Tang (undergrad)
Universität Zürich
Our paper here

Jack Cooper (masters)
University of Bristol

Jeanette Pirlo (PhD)
Florida Museum of Natural History

Adele Paillard (masters)
Swansea University
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Madeleine Rodriguez
Karina de los Rios 
Ariadne Aizprua 
Jandery Barcenas 
Alejandro Montes
Carolina Guzman
Gabriel Garcia de Paredes 
Miguel Heras
Evelin Henriquez
Cindy Bear
Charles O’Connor